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A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1

Francion is in the Collection Garnier


Sorel. _Francion_ is in the Collection Garnier, _Le Berger Extravagant_ and _Polyandre_ only in the originals.

Scarron. _Le Roman Comique._ The 1752 edition (3 vols.) is useful, but there are reprints.

Furetiere. _Le Roman Bourgeois._ Collection Jannet et Picard, 1854.

Cyrano de Bergerac. _Voyages_, etc. Ed. Jacob. Paris, 1858.

Mme. de la Fayette. _La Princesse de Cleves._ Paris, 1881.


For those who wish to study Lesage and Prevost at large, the combined Dutch _Oeuvres Choisies_, in 54 vols. (Amsterdam, 1783), will offer a convenient, if not exactly handy, opportunity. Separate editions of the _Diable Boiteux_ and _Gil Blas_ are very, and of _Manon Lescaut_ fairly, numerous.

Marivaux. _Oeuvres._ 12 vols. Paris, 1781.

Crebillon _fils_. _Oeuvres Completes._ 7 vols. Londres, 1772.


The work, in novel, of Voltaire and Rousseau is in all the cheap collections of Didot, Garnier, etc. Of that of Diderot there have recently been several partial collections, but I think no complete one. It is better to take the _Oeuvres_, by Assezat and Tourneux, mentioned in the text (20 vols.,

Paris, 1875-77).

Marmontel's _Oeuvres_ appeared in 19 vols. (Paris, 1818), and I have used, and once possessed, a more modern and compacter issue in 7 vols. (Paris, 1820?). The _Contes Moraux_ appeared together in 1770 and later.

Bernardin de Saint-Pierre. _Oeuvres_. 12 vols. 1834. Very numerous separate editions (or sometimes with _La Chaumiere Indienne_) of _Paul et Virginie_.


Minor "Sensibility" novels. Most of them in a handsome 7-vol. edition (Paris, _n.d._) in Garnier's _Bibliotheque Amusante_. This also includes Marivaux.

X. de Maistre. Editions numerous.

B. Constant. _Adolphe._ Paris, 1842; and with Introduction by M. Anatole France (1889); besides M. de Lescure's noticed in text.

Restif de la Bretonne. Selection of _Les Contemporaines_, by Assezat. 3 vols. Paris, 1875-76.

Pigault-Lebrun. Edition mentioned in text.


(The dates given in this Index are confined to _persons_ directly dealt with in this volume. Those of the more important _books_ noticed will be found in the Chronological Conspectus. In other respects I have made it as full as possible, in an _Index nominum_, as regards both authors and titles.)

_Abbot, The_, xiii

_Abdalla, Les Aventures d'_, 258, 259

_Acajou et Zirphile_, 267

Achilles Tatius, 37, 157 _note_, 220 _note_, 350

Addison, 107, 232, 339

_Adelaide de Meran_, 465

_Adolphe_, 372 _note_, 429, 437, 438, 442-451, 472

AElfric, 73 _note_

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