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An Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port

We were abreast of Santa Cruz Fort

The next forenoon, we saw a turtle and several flying-fish; and at six o'clock in the afternoon, we saw a brig to the northward, and soon afterwards spoke with her. At six o'clock in the morning of the 28th, we saw the land bearing from north-west to west-south-west. We sounded in 26 fathoms of water, over a bottom of soft mud. At eight o'clock, some high level land bore west half south, eight or nine leagues distant. I ordered the jolly-boat to be hoisted out, and we tried the current, which was found to set north-east by north, at the rate of half a mile an hour, or nearly. At noon, we had clear soundings in 24, 22, 20, and 18 fathoms over a bottom of fine brown sand and mud. At six o'clock, we tacked, the extremes of the land bearing from south-west to north by east; the nearest land about four miles distant. During the night, we had regular soundings from 13 to 25 fathoms.

The next morning, we tacked and stood towards the land, with light variable winds. At noon, the extremes of the land were from north to south 50 deg. west; the nearest land about ten miles distant. In the afternoon, we saw a large turtle; and at three o'clock, we sounded in 19 fathoms, over a muddy bottom. At six o'clock, the nearest land bore north by west half west, about three leagues distant. During the night, we had a light breeze from the westward: we frequently sounded, and had from 17 to 23 fathoms water.

At noon on the 30th, the nearest land bore north 75 deg. west, eight or nine miles distant. We stood along shore, with a light breeze at south-south-east; and at sun-set, the land bore from north 32 deg. west to south 50 deg. west. The next morning, we steered along the island of St. Catherine; and at four o'clock in the afternoon, were abreast of the Fort of Santa Cruz.

I sent an officer on shore to the fort, and soon afterwards we anchored in five fathoms water; the fort of Santa Cruz bearing north-north-west, and the opposite fort north-east. We saluted the fort with nine guns, which was returned by an equal number. The next morning, we weighed, and anchored nearer to the watering-place; mooring the ship with a cable each way, (north-east and south-west) in three fathoms and a half, over a muddy bottom. In this situation, the fort of Santa Cruz bore north-north-east, the opposite fort, south-east; the point to the southward of the watering-place south-west, and the watering-place west, half a mile distant.

We erected a tent on shore for the cooper, who was busily employed in repairing our casks, and the other hands were employed in watering and other necessary duties.

As we had now made 310 deg. 43' of east longitude, which is equal to 20 h. 42 min. 52 sec. of time, we, of course, dropped one day, and called the 5th of February, Saturday the 4th. This afternoon I sent two boats on shore for various refreshments, having nearly completed our water. In the morning of the 5th, the cutter swamped at her moorings aftern; the oars and tiller washed out of her, and were lost.

On the 7th, most of our business being finished, we unmoored; and after standing a little farther out of the harbour, we anchored with the small bower, in five and a quarter fathoms; the Fort of Santa Cruz bearing north-north-west, and the opposite fort, north-east. We completed our water and every other duty on the 8th, and the next morning weighed and made sail. At eleven o'clock, we saluted the fort with eleven guns, which was returned by an equal number: at noon, we were abreast of Santa Cruz Fort.

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