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An Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port

Hutton Worcester Society Watts

Esq; Hyde-Hall, Cheshire Cock, Thomas Theophilus, Esq; Messing, Essex Clarke, Edward, Esq; Cadell, Mr. 2 Copies Clarke and Son, 2 Copies Crowder, Mr. 2 Copies Cole, Lieutenant George Coxe, Daniel, Esq; D. Dacre, Lord Darby, W. T. Esq; Dartmouth, Earl of Dorset, Duke of Dalrymple, Alexander, Esq; Davison, Alexander, Esq; Dimsdale, R. J. Esq; Delaval, Lord Donowell, Mr. John, Architect Dover, Lord Deighton, Mr. 7 Copies Donegal, Marquis of De Lancy, Colonel De la Pole, Sir John, Bart. De Saussure, H. W. Esq; Charlston Darton and Harvey, 6 Copies Dilly, Mr. 12 Copies Dangerfield, Mr. E. Elgin, Earl of Ekins, Charles, Esq; Eardley, Lord Eliot, Lord Enys, John, Esq; Enderby, Samuel, Esq; Edwards, Mr. R. 8 Copies Edwards, Mr. J. 6 Copies Egerton, T. and J. 6 Copies Evans, Mr. James, 6 Copies Edwards, John, Esq; F. Forbes, Hon. John, Admiral of the Fleet Fife, Earl of Frederick, Sir John, Bart Fitzhenry, Thomas, Esq; Faulder, Mr. 30 Copies Faden, Mr. W. 6 Copies G. Gloucester, His Royal Highness the Duke of Grenville, Lord Grote, George, Esq; Gardner, Alan, Esq; Green, Sir William, Bart. Graeme, Charles, Esq; Grantham, Lady Goldsmith, Mr. 4 Copies Goulding, Mr. Gray, Mr. 2 Copies H. Hillsborough, Earl of Hobart, Major Hardwicke, Earl of Howe, Hon. Mrs. Howe, Countess Howe, Lady Mary Hall, Rev. Mr. Howard de Walden, Lord Heathcote, Thomas, Esq; Home, Patrick, Esq; Hood, Lord Hopetoun, Earl of Hunter, John, Esq; Hawkesbury, Lord Hawke, Lord Haydon and Son, Plymouth, 3 Copies Hamilton, Mr. 3 Copies Hookham and Carpenter, 6 Copies Hodgson, Mr. 2 Copies Hanmer, Job, Esq; Holbrook-Hall, Suffolk J. Jackson, Sir George, Bart. Jones, Robert, Esq; Fonmore-Castle, Glamorganshire. Jeffery, Mr. 3 Copies Johnson, Mr. 12 Copies K. Kelly, Earl of Kirby, Mr. 2 Copies L. Leeds, Duke of Lenox, Lord George Law, Thomas, Esq; Lucadou, James, Esq; Lettsom, Dr. Leslie, Mr. George, Edinburgh Legg, Mr. Basingstoke Loveden, Edward Loveden, Esq; Long, Charles, Esq; Long, Samuel, Esq; Law and Son, 12 Copies Lowndes, Mr. 2 Copies Lackington, Mr. 2 Copies Longman, Mr. 6 Copies M. Montrose, Duke of Martindale, John, Esq; Mossop, Rev. Mr. Academy, Brighton Mac Leod, Colonel Macdonald, Sir Archibald, Attorney-General Mitchell, Captain Meyrick, John, Esq; Macaulay, Mr. Alderman Montagu, M. Esq; Madden, James, Esq; Mornington, Earl of Miller, Lady Madox, John, Esq; M'Queen, Mr. 2 Copies Murray, Mr. 25 Copies Miller, Mr. 3 Copies N. Newcastle, Duke of Nepean, Evan, Esq; Nelthorpe, John, Esq; Lincoln Nicholls, Mr. Northesk, Earl of O. Otridge, Mr. 4 Copies Ogilvie and Co. 2 Copies P. Pitt, Right Hon. William Peachy, John, Esq; Peachy, Sir James, Bart. Petrie, William, Esq; Patterson, John, Esq; Norwich Putland, William, Esq; Pye, Henry James, Esq; Pinckney, Charles, Esq; Charleston Payne, Mr. 6 Copies Phillips, Mr. 6 Copies R. Rivers, Lord Rose, George, Esq; Rittson, John, Esq; Rastall, Rev. Mr. Newark Robinson, Thomas, Esq; Rolt, Colonel, Bagden-Lodge, Marlborough Regiment, 73d Bengal Rudge, Samuel, Esq; Robson, Mr. 27 Copies Robinsons, Messrs. G. G. J. and J. 50 Copies Rivingtons, Messrs. F. and C. 6 Copies Richardson, Mr. 6 Copies Redhead, Henry, Esq; S. Salisbury, Marquis of Stafford, Marquis of Sydney, Viscount St. John, Lord Sanderson, Sir James, Lord Mayor of the City of London Smyth, John, Esq; Salisbury, E. W. V. Esq; Spencer, Earl Stanley, Colonel Smith, Sir John, Bart. Stephens, Phillip, Esq; Sotheron, William, Esq; Sturt, Charles, Esq; Scawen, James, Esq; Spence, George, Esq; Sylvester, Mr. John Stockdale, Mr. Jeremiah, Mill-Maker to his Majesty Scott, Rev. George Sael, Mr. 2 Copies Southern, Mr. 3 Copies Sewell, Mr. 6 Copies Strachan, Mr. 6 Copies Scatchard and Co. 6 Copies Symonds, Mr. 12 Copies Steel, Mr. 6 Copies T. Thornton, Robert, Esq; Townshend, Hon. J. T. Tihe, Robert Stearne, Esq; Clanville Lodge, Andover Thornton, Mr. U. Urry, Captain, R. N. V. Vansittart, Nicholas, Esq; Vernor and Hood, 6 Copies W. Walsingham, Lord Warren, Dr. Worcester, Marquis of Weymouth, Lord Wray, Sir Cecil, Bart Woodford, Sir Ralph, Bart. Warwick, Earl of Wedgewood, Josiah, Esq; Wentworth, Lord Wright, Mr. William, Academy, Apsley, Wooburn, Bedfordshire Wenman, Right Hon. Viscount Wood, Mr. Hutton Worcester Society Watts, Lieutenant John, R. N. Warren, Sir John Borlase, Bart. Wilkie, Mr. 6 Copies White and Sons, 6 Copies Walker, Mr. David, 2 Copies Walker, Mr. John, 6 Copies Walter, Mr. 12 Copies Y. Young, Arthur, Esq Yates, Joseph, Esq Young, Sir George Yorke, Charles, Esq.

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