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A History of the Four Georges and of William IV, V

Lady Mary Wortley Letters

340. Ministry of 1714, i.

97. Ministry of 1742, ii. 192. Minorca, i. 296, 298. Captured by French, ii. 297. Mir Jaffier, iii. 250, 253. Intrigues, iii. 250. Mir Kasim, Nawab, and Ellis, iii. 251. Mirzapha Jung claims Deccan Vice-royalty, ii. 261. Death, ii. 262. Mississippi scheme, i. 184 _seqq._ Mitchel, John, on Chesterfield's rule in Ireland, ii. 250. Mob law in London, iii. 122. Mob orators, Sir Robert Inglis on, iv. 145. Mohun, Lord, i. 74. Killed in duel, i. 122. Moira, Lady Elizabeth, letter on French expedition to Ireland, iii. 315. Molesworth: on renewal of East India Company's Charter, iv. 230, 232. Monarchy under Hanoverians, ii. 74. _Monitor_ edited by John Entinck, iii. 51, 52, 55. Monopolies, petitions for, i. 191. Monroe doctrine, iv. 44. Monson, Colonel, iii. 260, 261. Death, iii. 264. Montagu, Edward Wortley, i. 105. Ambassador to Constantinople, i. 148. Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley: Letters, i. 148, 149, 152, 157. Sketch of, i. 148, 149, 150. Montcalm, Louis, Marquis de: Killed at Quebec, ii. 290. Monument, ii. 290. Montesquieu, on Duke of Berwick, ii. 34. Montgomery, --, iii. 179. Moore, Thomas: Lines on Robert Emmet, iii. 329. On George IV., iii. 242. Quoted, iv. 23. Moravian sect, ii. 134. More, Hannah: Death, iv. 282. On Lord George Gordon, iii. 193. Morgan, Mrs., friend of Lady Nithisdale, i. 139. Morris, Charles, iii. 244. Mostyn, Sir Thomas, iii. 338. "Mug houses,"
i. 75. Municipal Corporation Bill for Ireland, iv. 258. Municipal Corporations Commission and Bill, iv. 257, 258. Municipal system, reorganization of, iv. 254 _seqq._ Munster, Earl of, iv. 114. Murari Rao offers to assist English, ii. 263. Murchison, Sir Roderick, and British Association, iv. 262. Murger, Henri, "bohemianiam," iii. 310. Murphy, Father John: And _Auditor_, iii. 51. Conduct in '98, iii. 320. Murray, James (Earl of Dunbar), Secretary to James Stuart, ii. 18. Murray, John, of Broughton, ii. 227. Murray, tutor to Charles Edward, Young Pretender, ii. 202. Murray (_see_ Mansfield, Lord). Musters, Mr., house set fire to, iv. 170. Mutiny Act and New York, iii. 149.

Nairn, Lord, a prisoner, i. 137, 138. Nand Kumar (Nuncomar), iii. 258, 259. Accusations against Hastings, iii. 261. Charged with conspiracy, iii. 261. Charged with forgery, iii. 261. Tried and hanged, iii. 262. Napier, Hon. George, marries Lady Sarah Bunbury, iii. 10. Napier, Sir Charles, iii. 10; iv. 179. Napier, Sir William, iii. 10. Napoleon I. (Bonaparte): Close of career, iv. 12. On Romilly's suicide, iii. 347. On Thames Embankment, iv. 14. On Wellington seizing English crown, iv. 277. Scheme for invasion of Ireland and, iii. 312, 314. Sketch of career, iii. 331 _seqq._, 344. Wins Toulon, iii. 304. Napoleon III. (Charles Louis), Policy, iv. 45. National Assembly, declaration of war and, iii. 302, 303. National Crisis (1832), iv. 178. National Debt (1714), i. 93. Pitt's plan for redemption of, iii. 239. National distress in 1830, iv. 100, 105. Navarino, battle of, iv. 50, 67, 96. Navy, press-gang system abolished, iv. 263, 266. Nelson, Horatio, Viscount, iii. 337. Receives freedom of London, iii. 139. Nepean, Under-Secretary of State, iii. 235. New England Colonies, iii. 75. New York: Congress of 1765, iii. 91. In 1765, iii. 77. Mutiny Act and, iii. 149. Newbottle, Lord, and

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