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A History of the Four Georges and of William IV, V

On Government measure for Irish Tithe Question


ii. 232. Tutor to Charles

Stuart, ii. 205. Sheriffmuir, battle of, i. 125. Shippen: Amendment on Supply (1727), i. 280. Leader of Jacobites, i. 287. Opposes Septennial Bill, i. 146. Sketch of, i. 289. Shrewsbury, Charles Talbot, Duke of, i. 41. Death, i. 179. Lord High Treasurer, i. 45. Resigns offices, i. 97. Sketch of career, i. 41. Shrewsbury, Duke of, killed by Duke of Buckingham, i. 41. Shrewsbury in 1714, i. 79. Siddons, Mrs., death, iv. 285. Sidmouth, Viscount, Home Secretary: Challenged by Thistlewood, iv. 16. Signs in streets, i. 70. Sinking Fund, borrowing from, i. 309. Slaughter's coffee-house, i. 75. Slave Trade, Fox and, iii. 340. Slavery, iv. 189 _seqq._ Crusade against, iv. 93. (_See also_ West Indies, slavery in.) Smith, Rev. John, sentenced to death, iv. 194. Smith, Sydney, on: Collection of tithes in Ireland, iv. 208, 210, 211. Spencer Perceval, iii. 341. "Smock races," i. 72. Smollett and _Briton_, iii. 51. Smuggling in American colonies, iii. 83. Sobieski, Clementine, wife of James Stuart, ii. 199. Retires to convent, ii. 200. Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge founded, iv. 93. Somers, John, Lord, i. 47, 54. Accomplishes Union of England and Scotland, i. 84. Approves Septennial Bill, i. 147. Member of New Council, i. 101. Sketch of career, i. 147. Somerset, Charles Seymour, Duke of: sketch of, i. 42. Somerset, Charlotte, Duchess of, i. 42. Somerset, Elizabeth,
Duchess of, i. 43. Somerville, Dr. Thomas, _History of Reign of Queen Anne_, i. 13. Somerville, Lord, house molested, ii. 217. Sophia Dorothea, wife of George I., i. 6, 153. Banished to Castle of Ahlden, i. 7. Death, i. 267. Will, i. 269. Sophia, Electress of Hanover, i. 4, 5. South Sea Bill, i. 189, 190. South Sea Company, i. 187, 193; ii. 150. Petitions for relief, i. 194. Principle of, i. 194. Reconstituted, ii. 167. South Sea House, i. 186. South Sea victims, i. 194, 204. Spain: Claims Right of Search, ii. 151, 163, 245. Complaints against, i. 294. Demands constitutional government, iv. 40, 43. England and, trade disputes, ii. 150. In 1716, i. 154, 155. Portugal and, dispute between, ii. 35. Treaty of Utrecht and, i. 227. War declared against, ii. 178. Spean's Bridge, brush at, ii. 206. Spencer, John Charles, Earl, iv. 234. As Speaker, iv. 133. Chancellor of Exchequer, iv. 125. Declaration on Reform Bill, iv. 164. Motion on speech from Throne, iv. 104. On Government measure for Irish Tithe Question, iv. 211. On slavery in Colonies, iv. 195. Sketch of, iv. 125. Spies in Ireland in '98, iii. 314. Spithead, mutiny at, iii. 335. Stage Censorship, ii. 96 _seqq._ Stair, John Dalrymple, Earl of: Character, i. 120, 225. Commands British troops, ii. 182. Recalled from French Court, i. 225. Stamp Act, iii. 87, 88. Repealed, iii. 103. Stanhope, Charles, and South Sea Company, i. 197, 200. Stanhope, Colonel (_see_ Harrington, Lord). Stanhope, James, Earl, iii. 339. Attitude towards French Revolution, iii. 302. Death, i. 173. First Lord

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