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A History of the Four Georges and of William IV, V

Attitude towards Parliamentary reform


180. Watson, Admiral, commands

fleet against Suraj ud Dowlah, ii. 269. "Waverers," iv. 173. Webster, "Duchess of Malfi" quoted, iv. 11. Wedderburn, Alexander, Solicitor-General, iii. 149. Denounces Franklin, iii. 156, 157. On using military against mob, iii. 207. Sketch of, iii. 158. Speech on Middlesex election petition, iii. 131. "Weekly Political Register," Cobbett's article in, iv. 156, 157. Wellesley, Arthur (_see_ Wellington, Duke of). Wellesley, Garret, Earl of Mornington, iii. 341. Wellesley, Richard C., Marquis of: Resigns Vice-royalty of Ireland, iv. 73. Sketch of career, iv. 72. Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of: Accompanies George IV. to Waterloo, iv. 28. At opening of Liverpool and Manchester railway, iv. 103. Attitude towards Catholic Emancipation, iv. 54, 56, 75, 106. Attitude towards Municipal Bill, iv. 260. Attitude towards Parliamentary reform, iv. 52. Attitude towards Queen Caroline, iv. 7. Character, iv. 120. Declines to form ministry, iv. 177. Duel with Lord Winchilsea, iv. 81. Interview with King on Catholic emancipation, iv. 77. Prime Minister, iv. 67, 100. Represents England at Congress of Verona, iv. 41, 42. Resigns office, iv. 113. Secretary for Foreign Affairs, iv. 238. Sketch of, iii. 341 _seqq._ Speech against Reform Bill, iv. 169. Speech on Parliamentary reform, iv. 108. Supports Poor Law Bill, iv. 229. Unpopular, iv. 153. Welsh Copper and Lead Company, and
South Sea Company, i. 193. Wentworth, Lady, describes house in Golden Square, i. 70. Wesley, Charles, ii. 128, 137, 145. Accompanies John to Georgia, ii. 134. On Revivalist meetings, ii. 139. Wesley, John: Breaks away from Moravians, ii. 140. Breaks from discipline of Church of England, ii. 142. Character, ii. 134, 135, 137, 142. Dispute with Whitefield, ii. 139. Marriage, ii. 137. Organization, ii. 140. Sketch of, ii. 127 _seqq._ Visits Georgia, ii. 127. Wesleyan Movement, account of, ii. 127 _seqq._ In United States, ii. 144. Revivalist meetings, ii. 138. West Indian Planters, grant to, iv. 198, 200. West Indies, slavery in, iv. 190 _seqq._ Abolished, iv. 199, 200. Westminster Hall, iv. 268. Booths in, i. 64. Explosion in, ii. 45. Wetherell, Sir Charles, obstructs Reform Bill, iv. 163. Rescued from rioters, iv. 197. Weymouth, Lord, letter to magistrate in case of riot, iii. 120, 124. Wharncliffe, Lord, amendment to Reform Bill, iv. 169. Wharton, Duke of: Character, i. 264. Condemns South Sea Bill, i. 191, 198. Whately, --, private secretary to George Grenville, iii. 153. Whately, William, iii. 155. Wheler, appointed Governor-General, iii. 264. Whigs: Ascendency, iii. 24. Attitude towards Hanoverian Succession, i. 16. Doctrines, i. 17 _seqq._ Foreign policy (1716), i. 157. Nobles and Reform Bill, iv. 178. Origin of name, i. 17. Whitbread, efforts to inquire into troubles in Ireland, iii. 319. Whitefield, George, ii. 128, 137, 145. Disputes with Wesley, ii. 139. Oratory, ii. 139. White's chocolate-house, i. 76. Widdrington, Lord, a prisoner, i. 137, 138. Wilberforce, William: Later years, iv. 280. Supports Queen Caroline, iv. 6. Votes against Dundas, iii. 338. West-Indian

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