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Historic Boys by Elbridge Streeter Brooks

A Tale of Gustavus Adolphus and the Wars of Religion


A Tale of Gustavus Adolphus and the Wars of Religion. By G. A. HENTY. With 12 full-page Illustrations by JOHN SCHOENBERG, in black and tint. Crown 8vo, cloth elegant, olivine edges, 6_s._

In this story Mr. Henty gives the history of the first part of the Thirty Years' War, a struggle unprecedented in length, in the fury with which it was carried on, and in the terrible destruction and ruin which it caused. The issue had its importance, which has extended to the present day, as it established religious freedom in Germany. The army of the chivalrous King of Sweden, the prop and maintenance of the Protestant cause, was largely composed of Scotchmen, and among these was the hero of the story. The chief interest of the tale turns on the great struggle between Gustavus and his chief opponents Wallenstein, Tilly, and Pappenheim.

"As we might expect from Mr. Henty the tale is a clever and instructive piece of history, and as boys may be trusted to read it conscientiously, they can hardly fail to be profited as well as pleased."--_The Times._

"A praiseworthy attempt to interest British youth in the great deeds of the Scotch Brigade in the ware of Gustavus Adolphus. Mackay, Hepburn, and Munro live again in Mr. Henty's pages, as those deserve to live whose disciplined

bands formed really the germ of the modern British army."--_Athenaeum._

"A stirring story of stirring times. This book should hold a place among the classics of youthful fiction."--_United Service Gazette._


"Mr. Henty as a boy's story-teller stands in the very foremost rank."--_Glasgow Herald._


Or, The Winning of a Continent. By G. A. HENTY. With 12 full-page Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE. Crown 8vo, cloth elegant, olivine edges, 6_s._

In the present volume Mr. Henty has endeavoured to give the details of the principal events in the struggle between Britain and France for supremacy on the North American continent. The importance of this struggle can scarcely be overrated, as on the issue of it depended not only the destinies of North America, but to a large extent those of the mother countries themselves. The fall of Quebec decided that the Anglo-Saxon race should predominate in the New World, that Britain, and not France, should take the lead among the nations, and that English commerce, the English language, and English literature, should spread right round the globe. While thus of the greatest significance, this episode from the world's history lends itself pre-eminently to the romantic style of treatment of which Mr. Henty is master.

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