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A History of Sea Power by Stevens and Westcott

Persian admiral Aristides Armada

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Abercromby, British general Aboukir, Hogue, and Cressy, British cruisers, loss of Aboukir Bay, battle of, _see_ Nile Actium, campaign of; battle of AEgospotami, battle of Agrippa, Roman admiral Aircraft, in World War Albuquerque, Portuguese viceroy Alfred, king of England Algeciras Convention Ali Pasha, Turkish admiral Allemand, French admiral Almeida, Portuguese leader Amboyna Amiens, treaty of Amsterdam Anthony, Roman general, at Actium Antwerp Arabs, at war with Eastern Empire; as traders; ships of Arbuthnot, British admiral Ariabignes, Persian admiral Aristides Armada, _see_ Spanish Armada Armed Neutrality, league of Armor Armstrong, Sir William Athens, _see_ Greece _Audacious_, British ship August 10, battle of Austerlitz battle of Austria, in Napoleonic Wars; at war with Italy; in Triple Alliance; in World War


Bacon, Roger Bagdad Railway Bantry Bay, action in; attempted landing in Barbarigo, Venetian admiral Barbarossa, Turkish admiral Barham, First Lord of Admiralty Bart, Jean, French naval leader Battle cruiser, _see_ Ships of War Beachy Head, battle of Beatty, British admiral, at Heligoland Bight; at Dogger Bank; at Jutland Berlin Decree Bismarck Blake, British admiral Blockade, in American Civil War; in World War Boisot, Dutch admiral Bonaparte, _see_ Napoleon Bossu, Spanish admiral Boxer

Rebellion Boyne, battle of Bragadino, Venetian general Breda, peace of Bridport, British admiral Brill, capture of Brueys, French admiral Burney, British admiral Bushnell, David


Cabot, John Cadiz, founded; British expeditions to; blockaded by Blake; blockaded by Jervis; Allied fleet in Calder, British admiral; in action with Villeneuve Camara, Spanish admiral Camperdown, battle of Canidius, Roman general Carden, British admiral Carpenter, Alfred, British commander Carthage, founded; at war with Greece; in Punic Wars Cervantes Cervera, Spanish admiral; in Santiago campaign Ceylon Champlain, battle of Lake Charlemagne Charles II of England Charles V of Spain Charleston, attack on Chatham, raided by Dutch Chauncey, U. S. commodore China, in ancient times; first ships to; at war with Japan; in disruption Chios, battle of Churchill, Winston Cinque Ports Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, in Actium campaign Clerk, John Collingwood, British admiral; at Trafalgar Colonna, admiral of Papal States Colport, British admiral Columbus; voyages of Commerce, of Phoenicians; under Roman Empire; with the East; in northern Europe; in modern times Commerce Warfare, in Dutch War of Independence; in Napoleonic Wars; in War of 1812; in World War, Communications, in warfare Compass, introduction of Condalmiero, Venetian admiral Conflans, French admiral Constantinople, founded; attacked by Arabs; attacked by Russians; sacked by Crusaders; captured by Turks; in World War Continental System Continuous Voyage, doctrine of Contraband Convoy, System in World War Cook, Captain James Copenhagen, battle of Corinthian Gulf, battle of Cornwallis, British admiral Coronel, battle of Corsica Corunna, Armada sails from; attacked by Drake; Allied fleet in Corvi Cradock, British admiral, at Coronel Crete Cromwell, Oliver Custozza, battle of Cyprus

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