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A History of Sea Power by Stevens and Westcott

In World War Triple Alliance Tromp


style="text-align: justify;">Panama Canal Parker, British Admiral, at Copenhagen-258 Parma, Duke of Peloponnesian War Penn, British admiral Perry, U. S. Commodore Persano, Italian admiral, at Lissa Persia, conquers Phoenicia; at war with Greece Pharselis, battle of Philip II, of Spain Phoenicia, commerce and colonies of; at Salamis Phormio, Greek admiral Platea, battle of Port Arthur; given to Japan; seized by Russia; operations around; fall of Portland, battle of Portsmouth, Treaty of Portugal, commerce and colonies of; decline of Prevesa, battle of Prussia, in Northern Coalition; at war with Austria Ptolemy


"Q-ships" Quiberon Bay, battle of


Raleigh, Sir Walter Recalde, Spanish naval officer Renaissance _Revenge_, Drake's flagship; last fight of Robeck, British admiral, at Dardanelles Rodman, U. S. admiral Rodney, British admiral; at Saints' Passage Rojdestvensky, Russian admiral, cruise of; at Tsushima Rome, in Punic Wars; in Actium campaign; wars of Eastern Empire Rooke, British admiral Roosevelt, Theodore Rosyth, British base Rupert, Prince Russia, in Napoleonic Wars; in Far East; at war with Japan, in World War Ruyter. _See_ De Ruyter


Saint Andree, Jean Bon St. Vincent, battle of Cape St. Vincent, Earl of. _See_ Jervis Saints' Passage, battle of Salamis,

battle of; campaign of Salonika Sampson, U. S. admiral, in Santiago campaign San Juan de Ulna, fight at Santa Cruz, Spanish admiral Santiago, battle of Saracens. _See_ Arabs Scapa Flow, British base Scheer, German admiral, at Jutland Scheldt River; battle in; blockaded by Dutch Scheveningen, battle of Schley, U. S. naval officer, in Santiago campaign Schoonevelt, battle of Scott, Sir Percy, British admiral Sea Beggars Sea Power, preserves Greece; England's gains by; in Napoleonic Wars; in World War; influence of; elements of Selim the Drunkard, Sultan of Turkey Semenoff, Russian naval officer Seymour, British admiral, at Armada Shafter, U. S. general Shimonoseki, Treaty of Ships of War, "round" and "long"; trireme; penteconter; liburna; galley; dromon; galleas; junk; Viking craft; galleon; two and three-deckers; steam; submarine; destroyer; battle cruiser; dreadnought Sicily; in Punic Wars Sims, U. S. admiral Sinope, bombardment of Sirocco. Turkish admiral Sluis, battle of Solebay, battle of Soliman the Magnificent, Sultan of Turkey Souchon, German admiral Spain, at war with Turks; discoveries of; at war with Dutch; at war with England; in Napoleonic Wars; at war with United States Spanish Armada Sparta. _See_ Greece. Spee, German admiral Steam navigation, beginnings of Sturdee, British admiral Submarine, early types of; in World War Suez Canal Suffren, French admiral Syracuse, at war with Athens


Tactics, of galleys; after use of sails and guns; in Dutch wars; in 18th century; after use of armor; influenced by Lissa; at Jutland; in submarine warfare Takeomi, Japanese naval officer Tegetthoff, Austrian admiral, at Lissa Teneriffe, attacked by Blake Terschelling, raided by English Texel, battle of Themistocles Theophanes Thermopylae, battle of Ting, Chinese admiral, at the Yalu Tirpitz, German admiral Togo, Japanese admiral; at battle of 10th of August; at Tsushima Togo, Japanese squadron commander Tordesillas, Treaty of Torpedoes, origin of name; Whitehead; in Russo-Japanese war, Torrington, Earl of. _See_ Herbert Toscanelli, Paul Toulon, French base Tourville, French admiral Trafalgar, battle of Transport service, in World War Triple Alliance Tromp, Cornelius, Dutch admiral Tromp, Martin, Dutch admiral Troubridge, British naval officer Tsuboi, Japanese admiral, at the Yalu Tsushima, battle of Tunis; captured by Spanish; attacked by Blake Turkey, rise of; at war with Venice and Spain; in World War Tyrwhitt, British naval officer


Ulm, battle of Uluch Ali, Turkish leader; in Lepanto campaign United States, in American Revolution; in War of 1812; in Civil War; in Spanish-American War; in World War; naval problems of. _See_ Navy


Valdes, Pedro de, Spanish naval officer Valdes, Pedrode, Spanish naval officer Vandals Veniero, Venetian admiral _Vengeur du Peuple_, French ship Venice, early history of; commerce of; at war with Turks; ships of Vikings Villaret de Joyeuse, French admiral, at First of June Villeneuve, French admiral; at the Nile; in Trafalgar campaign and battle Virginia Capes, battle of


Wangenheim, Baron von Wei-hai-wei William II, German emperor William III of England William, Prince of Orange Wilson, Woodrow, President of United States Winter, Dutch admiral Witjeft, Russian admiral


Xerxes "Y-guns" Yalu, battle of York, Duke of, afterward James II of England Zama, battle of Zeebrugge, attack on


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