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A History of Science, Volume 5(of 5) by Williams

Philosophies naturalis principia mathematica


de physique (four essays), Paris, 1676-1679. 250

His De la nature de l'air, containing his statement of the law connecting the volume and pressure of a gas, is contained in the second essay.

Newton, Sir Isaac. See vol. ii., p. 241.

Philosophies naturalis principia mathematica, completed in July of 1687. The first edition was exhausted in a few months. There are several translations, among others one by Andrew Motte, New York, 1848.

Paracelsus. See vol. ii., p. 159.

The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus, trans, by A. E. Waite, 2 vols., London, 1894. Pascal, Blaise. See vol. ii., p. 122.

Recit de la grande experience de Vequilibre de liqueurs, Paris, 1648.

Sawtree, John. See vol. ii., p. 124 ff.

Of the Philosopher's Stone, London, 1652. Swammerdam, John. See vol. ii., p. 297.

Bibel der Natur, trans, into German, Leipzig, 1752. Sydenham, Thomas. See vol. ii., p. 189.

His first work, Methodus curandi febres, was published in 1666. His last work, Processus integri, appeared in 1692. His complete works, in Latin, were published by the Sydenham Society, London, 1844, which published also an English translation by Pr. R. G. Latham

in 1848. There are several other English translations.

Torricelli, Evanoelista. See vol. ii., p. 120.

Opera geometrica, Florence, 1644. Tycho Brahe. See vol. ii., p. 65.

De mundi aetherei recentioribus phonomenis, Prague, 1603. This has been trans, into German by M. Bruns, Karlsruhe, 1894.

Vinci, Leonardo da. See vol. ii., p. 47.

Leonardo da Vinci, Artist, Thinker, and Man of Science, by Eugene Muntz, 2 vols., New York, 1892, is perhaps the most complete treatment of all phases of Leonardo's work as a scientist as well as an artist. The older French work, Essai sur les ouvrages physico-mathematiques de Leonard de Vinci, by J. B. Venturi, Paris, 1797, is excellent. In German, H. Grothe's Leonardo da Vinci als Ingenieur und Philosophy Berlin, 1874, is good.


Agassiz, L. See vol. iii., p. 147.

Etudes sur les glaciers, Neuchatel, 1840. Arago, Francois J. D. See vol. Hi., p. 67.

Ouvres (complete), if vols., Paris, 1854-1862. Arago's Meteorological Essays, trans, into English, London, 1855. This has an introduction by Humboldt.

Boscovich, Roger Joseph. See vol. iii., p. 293.

Theoria philosophio naturalis redacta ad unicam legem virium in natura existentium, Vienna, 1758. Bradley, James. See vol. iii., p. 13.

Concerning an Apparent Motion Observed in Sotne of the Fixed Stars, London, 1748, Phil. Trans., vol. xlv., pp. 8,9.

Cuvier,*Baron de. See vol. iv., p. 103.

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