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A History of Science, Volume 5(of 5) by Williams

Grundzuge der physiologischen Psychologie


the Digestion of the Stomach after Death, first edition, pp. 183-188.

Jenner, Edward. See vol. iv., p. 190.

An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolo Vaccino, London, 1799.

Laennec, Rene Theophile Hyacinthe. See vol. iv., p. 201.

Traite d'auscultation mediate, Paris, 1819. Lamarck, Jean Baptiste de. See vol. iv., p. 152.

Philosophie zoologique, 8 vols., Paris, 1801. His famous statement of the supposed origin of species occurs on p. 235 of vol. i., as follows: "Everything which nature has caused individuals to acquire or lose by the influence of the circumstance to which their race is long exposed, and consequently by the influence of the predominant employment of such organ, or its constant disuse, she preserves by generation to the new individuals proceeding from them, provided that the changes are common to the two sexes, or to those which have produced these new individuals."

Libbig, Justin. See vol. iv., p. 131.

Animal Chemistry, London, 1843.

Libbig and Wohler. See vol. iv., p. 56.

The important work of Liebig and Wohler appeared until 183a mostly in Poggendorff's Armalen, but after 1832 most of Liebig's work appeared in his own Annalen. About the earliest

as well as one of his most important separate works is Anleitung zur Analyse organischen, Korper, 1837.

Lotze, Hermann. See vol. iv., p. 263.

Medizinische Psychologie, oder Physiologie der Seele, Leipzig, 1852.

Mohl, Hugo von. See vol. iv., p. 125.

Uber der Saftbewegung im Innern d. Zelle, Bot. Zei-tung, 1846. Morgagni, Giovanni Battista. See vol. iv., p. 76.

De sedibus et causis ntorborum, 2 vols., Venice, 1761.

Oken, Lorenz. See vol. iv., p. 160.

Philosophie der Natur, Zurich, 1802.

Pasteur, Louis. See vol. iv., pp. 217, 233.

Studies on Fermentation, London, 1879. His famous paper on attenuation and inoculation was published in the Compte Rendu of the Academy of Science, Paris, 1881 (vol. xcii.).

Saint-Hilaire, Etienne Geoffroy. See vol. iv., p. 160.

Philosophie anatomique, vol. i., Paris, 1818. Schwann, Theodor. See vol. iv., p. 119.

Mikroskopische Untersuchungen uber die Ubereinstim-mung in der Structur und dem Wachsthum der Thiere und Pflanzen, Berlin, 1839. Trans, by Sydenham Soc., 1847. Spencer, Herbert. See vol. iv., p. 268.

Principles of Psychology, London, 1855. 260

Treviranus, Gottfried Reinhold. See vol. iv.t p. 159. Biologie, oder Philosophie der lebenden Natur, 1802.

Weber, E. H. See vol. iv., p. 263.

The statement of "Weber's Law*' was first made in articles by Weber contributed to Wagner's Handwarter-buch der Physiologie, but is again stated and elaborated in Fechner's Psychophysik. (See Fechner.) Weismann, August. See vol. iv., p. 179.

Studies in the Theories of Descent. Trans, by Professor R. Meldola, London, 1882. The introduction to this work was written by Darwin. Wohler, Friedrich. ' (See Liebig and Wohler.) Wundt, Wilhelm Max. See vol. iv., p. 268.

Grundzuge der physiologischen Psychologie, 1874. Many articles by Wundt have appeared in the Philosophische Studien, published at Leipzig.

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