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Harper's Young People, September 14, 1880 An Illustrated Weekly

Last month when I was in Freiburg

Especially let me thank you for your historical sketches, and also for the healthy moral tone pervading every part of the paper, teaching the children to be gentle and kind, as well as manly and brave.

For myself, I am only less interested than the little ones for whose especial benefit it is intended. As a "little mother," my sympathies are all with your success.

E. S. C.

* * * * *


Perhaps you would like to hear from one of your little American friends over the sea.

We live in Frankfort-on-the-Main. It is a beautiful city, full of public monuments and handsome buildings.

Last month when I was in Freiburg, in Baden, I had the pleasure of seeing the Grand Duke and Duchess of Baden. They were spending a few days in Freiburg to visit their son, the Heir Prince, who lives there. During their stay the feast of _Frohnleichnamstag_, or Corpus Christi Day, took place, and a large procession was to pass through the streets and before their palace. The Grand Duchess came to an open window, and was joined by her daughter, the Princess Victoria, who is eighteen. Then the Grand Duke soon

came and stood behind them, and when the Heir Prince peeped over his father's shoulder, the picture of the ducal family was complete.

The Grand Duchess also visited our school in Freiburg, and asked me several questions. She is very beautiful. She is about forty years old, but her skin is as fine and smooth as wax. She looks to be as good as she is beautiful. The Grand Duke is not less handsome.

I and my sisters and brother all enjoy YOUNG PEOPLE so much, and welcome it every week.

We have lived in Paris several years, and I have often seen going through the streets the bath-tubs and boilers full of hot and cold water that Paul S. speaks of in the Post-office Box of YOUNG PEOPLE No. 39.

I will write another time about the curious houses in old Frankfort.


* * * * *


We have not been so fortunate with our pets as other young people. We had three rabbits and two guinea-pigs. The other morning, when we went to feed them, the top of the hutch was broken, and nothing was to be seen of the animals. We are pretty sure some dogs got them in the night, from the way things looked. We are very sorry to lose our pets.


* * * * *


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