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A History of China by Wolfram Eberhard

Three counsellors to the emperor 2

_Han epoch_ _T'ang epoch_

1. Emperor 1. Emperor

2. Three counsellors to the emperor 2. Three counsellors and three (with no active functions) assistants (with no active functions)

3. Eight supreme generals (only 3. Generals and Governors-General appointed in time of war) (only appointed in time of war; but in practice continuously in office)

4. --------------------------- 4. (a) State secretariat (1) Central secretariat (2) Secretariat of the Crown (3) Secretariat of the Palace and imperial historical commission (b) Emperor's Secretariat (1) Private Archives (2) Court Adjutants' Office (3) Harem administration

5. Court administration 5. Court administration (Ministries) (Ministries) (1) Ministry for state (1) Ministry for state sacrifices sacrifices (2) Ministry for imperial (2) Ministry for imperial coaches and horses coaches and horses (3) Ministry for justice at (3) Ministry for justice at court court (4) Ministry for receptions (4) Ministry for receptions (i.e. foreign affairs) (5) Ministry for ancestors' (5) Ministry for ancestors' temples temples (6) Ministry for supplies to (6) Ministry for supplies to the court the court (7) Ministry for the harem (7) Economic and financial Ministry (8) Ministry for the palace (8) Ministry for the payment guards of salaries (9) Ministry for the court (9) Ministry for armament (state secretariat) and magazines

6. Administration of the 6. Administration of the capital: capital: (1) Crown prince's palace (1) Crown prince's palace (2) Security service for the (2) Palace guards and guards' capital office (3) Capital administration: (3) Arms production department (a) Guards of the capital (b) Guards of the city gates (c) Building department (4) Labour service department (5) Building department (6) Transport department (7) Department for education (of sons of officials!)

7. Ministry of the Interior 7. Ministry of the Interior (Provincial administration) (Provincial administration)

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