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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

In Heian epochArmy see Military AffairsArmy and Navy


defeats Iwai in Chikugo (528 A.D.)

Archaeological relics

Archery, early development of; in reign of Temmu; equestrian, in Nara epoch; (ill.)

Architecture, in proto-historic times; influenced by Buddhism; in Heian epoch; Kamakura period; Muromachi

Are see Hiyeda Are

Ariga, Dr., on Korean influence on early relations with China; on supposed moral influence of Chinese classics; on false attribution to Shotoku of estimate of Buddhism; on Joei code

Arii, adherents of Southern Court in Sanyo-do

Arima, in Settsu, thermal spring; Jesuits and Buddhists in; represented in embassy to Europe

Arima Yostosada (d. 1577), brother of Omura Sumitada, baptized as Andrew

--Yoshizumi rebels

Arisugawa, one of four princely houses

--Prince (1835-95), leader of anti-foreign party

Arita, porcelain manufacture

Ariwara, uji of princely descent; Takaoka's family in; academy; eligible to high office

--Narihira (825-882), poet; (ill.)

--Yukihira (818-893), poet; founds academy, (881)

justify;">Armour, Yamato, in sepulchral remains; in Muromachi epoch; early arms and armour; after Daiho; in Heian epoch

Army see Military Affairs

Army and Navy, Department in Meiji government

Army inspector


Artillery, early use

Artisans, in prehistoric tamibe; Korean and Chinese immigrants

Arts and Crafts, promoted by Yuryaku; Chinese and Korean influence; in Kamakura period; in Heian epoch; patronized by Yoshimasa; first books on; in Muromachi epoch; in time of Hideyoshi; patronized by Tsunayoshi

Asahina Saburo (or Yoshihide) son of Wada Yoshimori

Asai family control Omi province; Nobunaga's struggle with; helped by Buddhists

--Nagamasa (1545-73), won over to Nobunaga; joins Asakura, defeated

Asaka Kaku, contributor to Dai Nihon-shi

Asakura family in Echizen; struggle with Nobunaga; helped by Buddhist priests

--Yoshikage (1533-73), defeated by Hideyoshi

Asama, eruption (1783)

Asan, Korea, occupied by Chinese (1894)

Asano Nagamasa (1546-1610); in charge of commissariat; sent to Korea (1598)

--Naganori, daimyo of Ako, exile, suicide, avenged by "47 Ronins,"

--Yukinaga (1576-1613), against Ishida

Ashikaga family favour Yoritomo; revolt of; shogun of Northern court; government; internal quarrels; estimate by Rai Sanyo; fall of; government; scholarship; school; Buddhism; against Hojo; end of shogunate of

--Chachamaru, kills his father Masatomo

--gakko, great school, under patronage of Uesugi

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