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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Takes and loses Kyoto Tadayoshi 1307 52

--Haruuji (d. 1560), kubo

--Masatomo (1436-91), kubo; builds fort at Horigoe; succession

--Mitsukane (1376-1409), kwanryo; assists the Ouchi

--Mochinaka, brother of Mochiuji, sides with Ogigayatsu

--Mochisada, intrigue to make him high constable

--Mochiuji (1398-1439), kwanryo; sides with Yamanouchi branch of Uesugi; suicide

--Motouji (1340-67), son of Takauji; kwanryo; urged to become shogun

--Shigeuji (1434-97), kubo

Ashikaga Tadafuyu (1326-1400), son of Takauji, rebels in Kyushu; joins Southern party in 1353; takes and loses Kyoto

--Tadayoshi (1307-52), assistant governor-general of Kwanto; governor of Totomi; kills Morinaga; practically regent; in Ashikaga revolt; chief of general staff; plots against the Ko brothers, defeated, joins Southern party; suicide

--Takamoto, kubo

--Takauji (1305-58), joins Go-Daigo; provincial governor; plots against Morinaga; declares himself shogun; captures Kyoto; changes plans; crushes Tadayoshi; defeated; death, estimate; shogun (1338-58); distributes estates; letters; shrine of Hachiman; Buddhist temples; signature (ill.)

--Ujimitsu (1357-98), kwanryo; wishes to be shogun; strengthens family in Kwanto; literature

--Yoshiaki (1537-97), shogun; turns to Mori, defeated; Hideyoshi intrigues with

--Yoshiakira (1330-67), kwanryo of Kwanto; succeeds Tadayoshi; de-thrones Suko; defeats Tadafuyu; shogun; surrender and death; plot against

--Yoshiharu (1510-50), shogun (1521-45)

--Yoshihide (1565-8), shogun

--Yoshihisa (1465-89), shogun (1474-89); Onin war; declared heir; administration; scholarship

--Yoshikatsu (1433-43), shogun

--Yoshikazu (1407-25) shogun (1423-5)

--Yoshikiyo, advances on Tamba; killed


--Yoshimasa (1435-90), shogun; succession; retires; fosters letters

--Yoshimi (1439-91), called Gijin, heir of Yoshimasa; deserted by Yamana (1469); retires (1477)

--Yoshimichi see Ashikaga Yoshizumi

Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (1358-1408), shogun at Muromachi (1367-95); extravagant administration; foreign policy; dies, receives rank of ex-Emperor; treatment of Crown; and piracy; favours Zen priests

--Yoshimochi (1386-1428), shogun; succeeds his father Yoshimitsu in military offices; rebellion against; excesses

--Yoshinori (1394-41), shogun (1428-41); abbot, called Gien; rule; killed; relations with China; grants Ryukyu to Shimazu

--Yoshitane (1465-1523), shogun; rule; defeated by Hatakeyama Yoshitoyo; death

--Yoshiteru (1535-65), shogun, (1545-65); suicide; receives Vilela

--Yoshitsugu, killed by his brother Yoshimochi

--Yoshiuji, last kubo

--Yoshizumi, originally Yoshimichi (1478-1511), shogun; nominal rule; death

Ashina of Aizu

Asiatic yellow race

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