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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Won from Satomi by Hojo Ujitsuna


Russian protected cruiser at Port Arthur

Asbmaro, governor of Dazaifu, wins favor of Dokyo

Assumption, De l', martyrdom (1617)

Aston, W. G., on dates in "Chronicles,"; Korean origin of Kumaso; purification service; neolithic boats; chronology; invasions of Korea; Japanese authority in Korea; local records; 17-Article Constitution; women in Heian epoch; Yoshitsune's letter; invasion of Korea

Asuka, Empress Komyo

Asuka, capital moved to; palace built by Kogyoku

Asuka-yama, groves

Asukara Norikige, high constable, crushes revolt

Asylum established by Fujiwara Fuyutsugu

Ata rebels against Sujin

Ataka Maru, great ship of Bakufu, broken up by Tsunayoshi

Atalanta Izanagi

Atogi, Korean scribe

Atsumi Hirafu, defeated by Chinese in Korea (662)

Atsunaga, brother of Atsvnari; see Go-Shujaku

Atsunari, Prince, son of Ichijo; see Go-Ichijo

Atsuta, Hachiman's shrine

Auditor of accounts


Augustins in Japan

Avatars of Buddha, Kami

Awa, mythical first island; culture of mulberry and hemp in; overrun by Taira Tadatsune; invaded by Yoritomo; won from Satomi by Hojo Ujitsuna; Miyoshi in; indigo growing

Awada, Mahito, on committee for Daiho laws (701)

Awadaguchi, swordsmith

Awaji, island, in early myth; Izanagi goddess of; Sagara exiled to; reduced by Hideyoshi

Awo, Princess, sister of Woke, rules in interregnum

Axe, in fire ordeal

Ayala (d. 1617), Augustin vice-provincial, executed

Azuchi, in Omi, fort built by Nobunaga; church and residence for priests

Azuke, placing in custody of feudatory

Azuma, eastern provinces, origin of name

--Kagami, 13th century history, on Hojo Yasutoki

Azumi, temple of

Babylonian myth

Backgammon or sugoroku

Badges; and crests

Baelz, Dr. E., on stature and race of Japanese; on shape of eye

Bakin, on last years of Minamoto Tametomo

Bakufu, camp government, military control, Yoritomo's system of shogunate; three divisions; entrusted with choice of emperor (1272 & 1274); power weakened by Mongol invasion; and rapidly fails; Go-Fushimi appeals to; re-created at Kyoto by Takauji; in Muromachi period; at Yedo; oath of loyalty, to; Tokugawa B.; appointing power, and other powers; exiles Yamaga Soko for heterodoxy; power lessened by Chinese learning; B. party in Kyoto; relations with Court; organization; decline of power; Court nobles and Emperor begin to oppose; puts through Harris commercial treaty; and foreign representatives; pledged (1861) to drive out foreigners in 10 years; further interference of Crown and Court party; power ended

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