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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

5 administrators under Hideyoshi


Dutch ship

Bramsen, William, on early dates in "Chronicles"




Bribery and sale of office, attempts to abolish

Bridges, (ill.)

Brine in cosmogony

Brinkley, Capt. Frank (1841-1912), article in Encyclopaedia Britannica quoted; Oriental Series referred to

Bronze culture in South; traces before the Yamato; bells; mirrors, bowls, vases in Yamato tombs; great statue of Buddha

Buddha, early images of; copper images ordered in 605; golden image of, from Shiragi (616 and 621); great bronze Nara image (750 A.D.); Kami incarnations of, theory of Mixed Shinto; bronze image (1252) at Karnakura; great image at Kyoto; replaced by bronze

Buddhism introduced 552 A.D.; use of writing; early politics; rapid spread; priests above law; architecture; music; Empresses; disasters and signs check spread; in Xara epoch; abdications; decline of Yamato; industry; funeral of Shomu; time of Kwammu; official advancement; vices of priests; superstition; in Heian epoch; in Yorimasa uprising; Hojo regents: sects; Korean and Chinese; three Vehicles; soldier priests; crushed by Yoshinori; amulets; Chinese priests;

combined with Confucianism and Shinto; Ashikaga; wars of monks; revolt in Settsu; oppose Nobunaga; in Komaki war; spies in Kyushu; Hideyoshi; priests of Kagoshima; in Choshu; in Yamaguchi; persecuted in Hirado by Christians; priests converted by Vilela; Ieyasu's laws; gains by suppression of Christianity

Bugyo, commissioners of Muromachi; 5 administrators under Hideyoshi; special appointees to rich fiefs; under Babufu; in Emperor's and ex-Emperor's court

Building-land, tenure

Buke, see Military houses.

Bukyo Shogaku, "Military Primer," by Yamaga Soko

Bummei Ittpki, work of Ichijo Kaneyoshi

Bungo, Tsuchi-gumo in; Xavier in; Jesuit headquarters; Christian success among nobles; in embassy of 1582

Bunji-kin, debased coins of 1736-40

Bunka, period, 1804-17

Bunroku, period, 1592-5

Bunsei, period, 1818-29

Bureaux, under Daika

Burial, jars of Yamato; primitive methods; coffins; honour of tombs; mounds, limited in size; funeral customs

Bushi; originated in N.E. Japan; name first used of guards; virtues of, typified in leaders of Nine Years' Commotion; general description; of Kwanto described; fighting against Mongols; outrages in provinces

Bushido, way of the warrior; cult developed by Yamaga Soko; and by Yoshimune

Butsu Sorai see Ogyu Sorai

Butter, tribute to Court

Buzen, Tsuehi-gumo in

Byodo-in, Tendai temple; prison of Go-Daigo

Cabinet under Restoration rule; crisis over Korea (1873); of 1885; dependent on Crown

Cabral; Francis (1529-1609), Jesuit Vice-provincial, on early missions, hospitals, Buddhists

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