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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Heian epochCasting in Nara epochCastlesCatapultCaterpillar


Prince Shotoku; revision of 1683; further revision planned by Yoshimune


Calthrop, Capt., on Oriental tactics

Cambodia, trade with

Camera government, insei, proposed by Go-Sanjo; under Shirakawa; Go-Shirakawa; Yoritomo establishes giso at the Inchu; the three recluses; system destroyed by Shokyu war; in Kamakura regency; camera party at court; in Northern court


Canonical names of emperors

Capital changed at beginning of reign; Jimmu's change to Yamato; Chuai's to far south; to Nara (709) and previous changes; changes helped road building; change from Nara to Kyoto (792); from Kyoto to Fukuhara

Capital Punishment

Caps, official, as insignia of rank; effect of, on hair dressing; cap rank replaced by cap grade after Daika; varnished gauze

Car, of Enryaku-ji

Caron, Francis, Dutch trader, on Japanese martyrs

Cart, hunting, 126; "compass cart"; Heian epoch

Casting in Nara epoch



Caterpillar, worship,


Cats, pets in Heian epoch

Cattle, not used for food in early Japan, killing forbidden; Christians accused of eating

Cavalry, in capital; in war

Censor; in Tokugawa organization; as judge

Census, reign of Sujin; time of Daika, (645 A.D.); classifications, under Daiho; by Buddhist and Shinto priests

Central Department, under Daika; under Daiho

Centralization of government

Ceramics, primitive; Yamato; Korean; Gyogi; Heian; Kamakura; Muromachi

Cereals, five; premiums for large crops

Ceremonies, Department of, under Daika; under Daiho; 15 masters of, Koke; law (927)

Chamberlain, Basil Hall, on dates in early "Chronicles"; meaning of Kami; classification of language; village communities; ancient dress; Altaic myth; names; education; Doji-kyo; swords

Chamberlain; pass on cases referred to shogun

Chancellor, dajo daijin; abolished; Ashikaga Yoshimitsu

Changan, Tang metropolis, Kyoto patterned after

Chao Heng, Chinese name for Abe Nakamaro

Charlevoix, quoted on Spanish galleon incident

Chekiang, attacked by pirates (1559)

Chemulpo, Russians in, attacked and defeated by Uryu; landing-place for Japanese attack

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