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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Joins Satsuma against Tokugawa



Cheng Chi-lung, general of Ming dynasty

Chengtsz, Confucian commentaries of

Chen Hosiang, bonze

Chen Weiching (Chin Ikei), Chinese envoy to Japanese in Korea; and negotiations for peace

Cherry-trees, groves; festivals

Chiba, branch of Taira; one of "8 Generals of Kwanto"

Chiba Tsunetane (1118-1201), favours Yoritomo; sent to Kyoto

Chichibu, copper in, (708)

Chichibu branch of Taira

Chihaya in Hojo war

Chikamatsu Monzaemon (1653-1724), dramatist,

Chikauji see Tokugawa Chikauji

Chikayoshi see Nakahira Chikayoshi

Chiksan, battle, (1597), 519

Chikuzen province, Dazai-fu in; Toi attack; Mongol landing

China, "High Plain of Heaven"; "Eternal Land"; architecture; bronze bells; bronze mirrors; Buddhism; calendar; ceramics; chronology; clay effigies; coinage; Crown; divination; government; literature; morality; myth; nobility; painting; promotion of officials; relations and early intercourse; scholars in Japan; Hideyoshi's plan

to conquer; interference in Korea; Ming dynasty; trade; Formosa; China-Japan war; Boxer rebellion; Russia; Treaty of Portsmouth; of Peking; finances

Chin Ikei see Chen Weiching

Chinju, fort in Korea, taken by Japanese

Chinju-fu, local government station in Korea

Chinnampo, landing-place for Japanese (1904)

Cho, Korean envoy

Cho Densu see Mineho

Chokei, 98th Emperor (1368-72)

Chokei see Miyoshi Norinaga

Chokodo estates

Choko-ji, castle in Omi

Chollado, southern Korea, attacked by pirates

Chomei see Kamo Chomeii

Chong-ju, Korea, Cossacks defeated at

Cho-ryung, pass in Korea

Chosen, name of Korea, first use

Choshu, Xavier in; feudatory of, opposes Tokugawa and joins extremists; Shimonoseki complication; revolt of samurai; joins Satsuma against Tokugawa; fiefs surrender to Crown; clan representation

Chosokabe family in Shikoku punished by Hideyoshi

--Motochika (1539-99), masters Tosa and all Shikoku; in Komaki war; in invasion of Kyushu

Christianity, Nestorian in China; Azuchi castle; invasion of Korea; in Japan; Imperial edict against; aid given by Nobunaga; Hideyoshi's attitude towards; his edict of 1587; Ieyasu's treatment and his edicts; Christians side with Hideyori; Hideteda's edict (1616), (1624); teaching in Osaka after edicts; and Buddhist and Shinto census; laws against (1635, 1665); Ieyasu distinguishes between commerce and; Dutch not propagandists; opposition in 1853

"Chronicles," Early Japanese, Nihongi, general; character; superior to Records; accuracy of chronology; contradicts Records; Chinese colour in; conquest of Korea; stories from Korean history

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