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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

HaritsukeCurrency in Ashikaga period


of Shotoku (604 A.D.), text and comment; after Restoration (1889)

Constitutionist party

Consular courts

Cooking in ancient Japan; in Muromachi epoch

Cooper, master, of Manhattan

Copper in Japan; use for images of Buddha, exhausts currency; Chinese coins; in 15th century trade, debased Japanese coin; exports of Nagasaki

Coronation Oath of 1867


Cost of living

Costume, prehistoric; in Inkyo's reign; Chinese and Buddhist influence; Nara epoch; Heian; Kamakura period; laws of Military Houses; Sadanobu's laws

Cotton first planted in Japan (799); cloth, tax; cloth as currency

Council, Administrative, of Man-dokoro

--of Twelve, at camera Court

Councillor, Sangi, establishment of office

Couplet Composing, ula awase; court amusement; at "winding-water fete" and other festivals; mania for; tournaments; in Heian epoch; Kamakura; Tokugawa

Court, costume, colours and kinds; ceremonial; for Imperial power see Crown

Court houses or families,

kuge; come into power again at restoration; in Muromachi period; driven to provinces; Ieyasu's laws for; intermarriage with military; college for, established by Ninko; influenced by anti-foreign party; in Restoration; distinction between territorial and court nobles abolished (1871)

Court of justice, hyojo-sho; first, (1631)

Court, Northern and Southern; and see Dynasties

Crasset on Christian persecution of Buddhists

Creation, story of

Cremation, introduced

Crimes in ancient Japan; classified in Daiho code; see Penal Law

Crocodile myth

Crown, property of; shifts in power of; divine right; Ashikaga; in Sengoku period; Nobunaga; Ieyasu's Court Laws; Tokugawa; Chinese classics strengthen; Tsunayoshi; loyalty; American commercial treaty; rescript to shogun; turns against extremists; Restoration of 1867; growth of power; Cabinet dependent on

Crown Prince, in proto-historic period, above the law

Crucifixion, haritsuke

Currency in Ashikaga period; see Coinage

Customs tariff

Daian-ji temple

Dai-Dembo-In, monastery of Shingon sect in Kii

Daiei, year-period, 1521-8

Daigo, 60th Emperor (898-930)

Daigo, suburb of Kyoto

Daiho (Taiho), year-period, legislation of; revision

Daijo-uji of Hitachi, branch of Taira

Daika or Taikwa "Great Change," 645 A.D.; name of first nengo or year-period; reforms

Daikagu-ji family, afterwards Nan-cho, the Southern Court, descendants of Kameyama; passed over; treatment by Ashikaga

Daikwan, deputy or vice-deputy; tax assessor; judge

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