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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Law of in Daiho legislationDeshima


"great name," holder of large estate; holdings; Buddhism; 10,000 koku or more; powers

Dai Nihon-shi, "History of Great Japan,"; on military era

Dairies under Daiho laws

Dairo, 5 senior ministers; prime minister

Daiseiden College, or Shoheiko, founded by Tokugawa

Daitoku-ji, Zen temple in Kyoto

Dajo (Daijo) daijin, chancellor, prime minister, 671 A.D.; Privy Council Board; office abolished

Dajo Kwan, Privy Council

Dalny occupied by Japanese

Dance masks

Dancing at funerals; court; music, Korean influence; pantomimic, of monkey Sarume in myth; music and poetry; development in Heian epoch; white posture dance, shirabyoshi; mimetic dance, libretto for, develops into no; no and furyu

Dan-no-ura, defeat of Taira at

Date family of Yonezawa in 16th century wars


--Masamune (1566-1636); surrenders to Hideyoshi; favours Ieyasu; against Uesugi; loyal to Iemitsu

--Yasumune rebels (1413) in Mutsu

Dazai-fu, government station in Mimana

(Kara, Korea) transferred to Kyushu

Debt, slavery for, cancellation of interest; legislation (tokusei) of 1297 in favour of military families, and under Ashikaga

Decoration, Interior

Defilement in Shinto code

Degradation in rank

Deluge myth

Demmacho, prison at

Demon's gate, N.E. entrance; guarded by Hieizan, and at Yedo by Toei-zan; belief in demons; dragon-headed devil

Dengaku mime

Dengyo Daishi, posthumous name of Saicho (q.v.)

Dening, W. Life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi; on Confucian philosophy

Departments, under Daika; under Daiho


De Ryp, Dutch ship, cannonades Kara castle

"Descent" upon Kyushu

Descent, Law of in Daiho legislation

Deshima, island, Dutch factory on

Dewa, Yemishi in; Go-Sannen campaign; (U-shu) part of O-U; 16th century wars; silk growing

De Witte, Serge Julievitch, Count (b. 1849), Russian peace commissioner at Portsmouth

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