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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

General character in Nara epoch

Diana, Russian ship, sent to survey Yezo; Russian protected cruiser at Port Arthur

Dickins, F. V., translation of Taketori Monogatari

Diet, Coronation oath promising; reform leaders differ about; development of; Constitution promulgated; bi-cameral system

Dirges at funerals

District, gun or kori (originally agata), Daika subdivision, smaller than province; classification under Daiho; chief of, guncho; governors, gunshi; district governors and title to uplands; in Meiji administration, cho, or son


Doctors, national

Doen, Buddhist priest, envoy to China

Dogo, Iyo, thermal spring

Dogs as pets; dog fights; Tsunayoshi's mania for

Doi support Southern Court in Nankai-do

Sanehira (d. 1220), Yoritomo's lieutenant; military governor

Michiharu (d. 1337), defender of Go-Daigo

Toshikatsu (1573-1644), enforces feudal laws

Doin Kinkata (1291-1360), minister of Go-Daigo

Kinsada (1340-99), scholar

Doji, Sanron Buddhist, abbot of Daian-ji

Dojima, in Osaka, rice-exchange

Dojo, exercise halls

Doki (Toki) family favour Takauji; beaten by Saito

Yorito (d. 1342), insults Kogon

Dokyo see Yuge Dokyo

Dolmen in Yamato sepulture; compared with Chinese and Korean; precious metals in

Dominicans, Ayala and other marytrs

Doryo (Tao Lung) Chinese priest, teacher of Fujiwara Tokimune

Dosho, Buddhist priest, introduces cremation

Double entendre

Drafts, game, prehistoric

Dragon, early superstition

Dragon-Fly Island, old name of Japan

Drama; yokyoku, mimetic dance; no; kyogen; time of Tsunayoshi; theatre in Yedo; illustrations


Dualism of Shinto

Dug-outs, maruki-bune

Duke, kimi; mahito

Dukes of the Presence, early official organization

Dutch, trade in Japan, beginning 1600, Spanish intrigues against; Dutch and English intrigues against Portuguese and Spaniards; aid in reduction of Christian revolt in Shimabara; trade at Nagasaki restricted; Western learning; refuse grant in Yedo; choose Hirado as headquarters; the Brack; at Deshima; literature; in 19th century; teachers of military science; give steamship; at Shimonoseki

Dwarf trees and miniature gardens

Dwelling-Houses, primitive; abandoned on death of owner; general character in Nara epoch; in Heian epoch; Kamakura; Muromachii

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