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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

To receive Crown except in trustEmpress Dowager


style="text-align: justify;">Dynasties, War of the (1337-92); table

Ears of enemy as spoil

Earthquake, 416 A.D.; 599 A.D. drives people to appeal to Earthquake Kami; in Kyoto (1185), and (1596); of 1662 charged to Emperor's lack of virtue; of 1703

Eastern Army, Hosokawa Onin War

Eastern Tsin dynasty (317-420) Chinese migration

East India Company

Eben, Buddhist priest

Ebisu, variant of Yemishi

Echigo, barrier settlement (645) against Yemishi; and Matsudaira

--Chuta, suicide

Echizen, paper money in

Education, in ancient Japan; in Nara epoch, in Heian; temple schools; military foundations; at Yedo; in Meiji epoch; see Academies

Egawa Tarozaemon advocates foreign intercourse

Eight Generals of Kwanto

Eigwa Monogatari, "Tales of Splendour," story of the Fujiwara, by Akazome Emon

Eiraku, or Yunglo, Chinese year-period, 1403-22, E. tsuho, Chinese coins

Eisai (1141-1215), priest

Eitai, bridge in Yedo

style="text-align: justify;">Ekei (d. 1600), priest, of Aki

Elder Statesmen

Elder, official over five households, under Daika

Elephant, fossil

Elixir, Hsa Fuh's quest

Emishi see Soga Emishi

Emperors, long reigns of early; see also Crown Court, Posthumous Names, Camera government

Empo, period, 1673-80

Empress, Koken first, to receive Crown except in trust

Empress Dowager, Kwo-taiko, title given only to Kwobetsu until Shomu's reign

Encyclopedia Britannica, quoted

Endo Morito see Mongaku

Engaku-ji, temple

Engen, period, 1336-9

Engi, period; revision of Rules and Regulations; overthrow of Sugawara Michizane

English intrigue against Spanish and Portuguese; refuse grant in Yedo; go to Hirado rather than Uraga; early trade; end of trade; fleet expected (1858); Namamugi incident and bombardment of Kagoshima; the Hyogo demonstration; employed in railway, telegraph and navy; treaty of 1894 abolishes consular jurisdiction after 1899; Anglo-Japanese alliance, (text)

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