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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Founder of Yamabushi priestsEnomoto see YenomotoEnryaku ji


period, 1069-74

En no Ubasoku (Shokaku; Gyoja, the anchorite), founder of Yamabushi priests

Enomoto see Yenomoto

Enryaku-ji, Tandai monastery on Hiei-zan; its armed men, yuma-hoshi; jealous of Onjo-ji monks; in Yorimasa conspiracy; in Kyoto conspiracy; quarrel with Takauji; feud with Hongwan-ji; destroyed by Nobunaga; rebuilt; named from year-period

Envoys, Three, in early myth

Enya Takasada (d. 1338), Ko Moronao abducts wife of

Enyu, 64th Emperor (970-84)

Eshi, Yamato no, painters, descendants of Shinki

Esoteric and Exoteric Buddhism

Etchu, province

"Eternal Land"

Ethnologists, Japanese, on origins

Etorop raided by Russians (1806)

Eto Shimpei (1835-74), minister, revolts

Euhemerist interpretation of myths

Exoteric Buddhism

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

Eye, obliquity, fold, etc.

Eyebrows shaved

Ezo, Buddhist mission to

style="text-align: justify;">Face-painting

Families, uji, rank in prehistoric times; basis of empire before Daika; family qualification for highest Court offices before Heiji tumult; names sold in Yoshimune's time

Famine of 621 A.D., turns people against Buddhism; of 1180-1; of 1462; of 1673-80; of 1783-6; of 1836

Fans; (ill.); lotteries; verses on; trade

Farmers; taxes; representatives

Fenshuiling, Russians defeated at

Fernandez, Joao (d. 1566), Portuguese Jesuit, companion of Xavier

Festivals, ancient; Buddhist; flower; Heian epoch; Ashikaga; Hideyoshi; Sanno (ill.); dolls (ill.)

Feudal system, beginnings; Sujin; land-holding; proto-historic; land grants; Daiho laws; 11th century wars; territorial names; Constables and land-stewards; Joei code; war of dynasties; 15th century; Hideyoshi's land system; fiefs (1600); hereditary vassals; laws of 1635 and 1651; under Tokugawa; sankin kotai; taxes; intermarriage with court nobles; government; tozama oppose Yedo; in Restoration; abolition, of

Filial piety

Finance and administration, ancient; in protohistoric tunes; in Nara epoch; in Muromachi epoch; under early Tokugawa; policy of Arai Hakuseki; "accommodation" system of 1786; under Tokugawa; in early Meiji period

Finance or Treasury Department; in 19th century

Financial administrator

Firearms, first use; commissioners

Fish as food

Fishermen, revolt of

Fishing in early times; laws regulating nets in reign of Temmu; keeping cormorants forbidden; equipment

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