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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

In Heian epochForced labourForeign Affairs


Regent Houses, see Go-Sekke

Flesh-eating forbidden; defilement

Flores, Luis, Flemish Dominican, burned (1622)

Flowers, at funerals; festivals; in Heian pastimes; arrangement of; pots

Flutes (ill.)

Fo, dogs of

Folding paletot

Food and drink, ancient; in Nara-epoch; in Kamakura period; Sadanobu's sumptuary laws

Football, prehistoric; in proto-historic period; in Heian epoch

Forced labour

Foreign Affairs, Department of; earliest foreign intercourse; Ashikaga; Muromachi epoch; foreign learning; Tokugawa; military science; Meiji era, 678; foreigners in making new Japan, 686-7; consular jurisdiction abolished; Anglo-Japanese alliance; and see Christianity, and names of countries

Forests of early Japan

Formosa, expedition against (1874); ceded by China (1895)

Fortification, development; feudal castles built only by permission of Tokugawa; coast defence

Fossil remains

Franchise, extension of

Franciscans, Spanish, enter Japan "-as ambassadors";

intrigue against Portuguese Jesuits; punished by Hideyoshi; favoured to offset Jesuit influence

Freemen and bondmen

French in Ryuku (1846); Harris plays off English and French to get his commercial treaty; at Shimonoseki; in work on criminal law and army training; in Manchuria note (1895)

Froez, Luis (d. 1597), Portuguese Jesuit

Fudoki, Local Records

Fuhi, Eight Trigrams of

Fuhito see Fujiwara Fuhito

Fuhkieri, Kublai at

Fuji river, battle on

Fuji, Mt., eruption of, (1707); (ill.)

Fujinami in Ise worship

Fujita Toko (1806-55), adviser of Nariaki

Fujitsuna see Aota Fujitsuna

Fujiwara, in Yamato, capital moved to, by Jito

Fujiwara, Shimbetsu family, influence after 670 A.D.; Imperial consorts; legislation; historiography; Asuka made Empress; oppose Makibi and Gembo; Buddhism; abdication; family tree; choose Emperors; academy of; increase of power; policy of abdication; depose Yozei; oppose Tachibana; plot against Michizane; interregnum; war of Taira and Minamoto; influence on Court; oppose Tamehira; family quarrels; literature; Minamoto, "claws" of; provincial branches; Mutsu; power wanes; Imperial consorts; anti-military; power weakened by Kiyomon; Yoritomo's followers get their estates; conspiracy of 1252; loyal to Throne (1331); Hideyoshi adopted by

--Fuhito, son of Kamatari, Daiho and Yoro codes; builds Buddhist temple; death

--Fujifusa, aids Go-Daigo (1326); retires

--Fusazaki (682-736), son of Fuhito, founds northern family

--Fuyutsugu (775-826); Konin revision of Rules and Regulations; minister founds academy

--Hidehira (1096-1187), son of Motohira; aids Yoshitsune; provincial governor (1182); death

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