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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Regent for Ichijo Kanehira 1228 94


(called Tawara Toda), sides with Taira; founder of provincial branches of Fujiwara

--Hirotsugu (715-741), governor, impeaches Gembo

--Ietaka (1158-1237), poet

--Joye, Buddhist student in China (653-65)

--Kamatari, muraji of Nakatomi, chief Shinto official, plots against Soga Iruka (645); Daika; in China; origin of uji name; Kasuga shrine; (ill.)

--Kaneiye (929-99), rivalry with Kanemichi; plot against Kwazan; regent for Ichijo

--Kanehira (1228-94), founds house of Takatsukasa

--Kanemichi (925-77), father of Enyu's Empress

--Kanezane (1147-1207), son of Tadamichi, minister of the Right; nairan and kwampaku; descendants called Kujo

--Kinsuye (958-1029), son of Morosuke

--Kinto (966-1041) poet, one of Shinagon

--Kiyohira (d. 1126), founds Mutsu branch

--Kiyotada opposes advice of Masashige

--Korechika (974-1010), son of Michitaka

--Korekata induces Nobuyori to join Heiji plot


--Koretada (942-72), son of Morosuke, regent

style="text-align: justify;">--Kunimutsu, avenges his father Suketomo

--Maro (695-736), founder of Kyo-ke branch

--Masatada, governor

--Matate (716-67), second councillor under Koken

--Michiiye (1192-1252), ancestor of Nijo and Ichijo families

--Michikane (955-95), gets Kwazan to become monk; regent

--Michinaga (966-1027), regent, his daughter Empress; power

--Michinori (d. 1159), called Shinzei, Go-Shirakawa's adviser; killed

--Michitaka (953-95), regent

--Momokawa (722-79), privy councillor; favours succession of Shirakabe and Yamabe

--Morokata aids Go-Daigo (1331)

--Moronaga (1137-92), chancellor, banished by Taira Kiyomori

--Morosuke (908-60), minister of Right; sons

--Morotada, 257; accuses Takaaki of treason

--Morozane (1042-1101)

--Motofusa (1144-1230), regent; sides with Go-hirakawa, is banished; his daughter

--Motohira (d. 1157), son and successor of Kiyohira

--Motokata, father of Murakami's consort

--Motomichi (1160-1233), advanced by Taira Kiyomori; kwampaku; ancestor of Konoe

--Motomitsu, founder of Tosa academy of painters

--Mototsune (836-91); sessho under Yozei, first kwampaku (882) under Uda

--Motozane (1143-66), regent

--Muchimaro (680-736), founds the southern (Nanke) family; Buddhist temples

--Nagate (714-71), minister of the Left; favours accession of Konin

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