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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

89th Emperor 1246 59 Go Fushimi


pictures, Ukiyoe, 600

Genroku, year period, 1688-1703

Gensho, (44th) Empress (715-23); inaugurates lectures (721) on Nihon Shoki

Genso, priest, interpreter to Korean embassy

Gentile names

Geology and fossil remains

Germans employed by Government

Germany joins France and Russia in note on Manchuria (1895); seizes part of Shantung

Gido, scholar, adviser of Yoshimitsu

Gien see Ashikaga Yoshinori

Gifu, Nobunaga's headquarters in Mino

Gijin see Ashikaga Yoshimi

Gion, temple in Kyoto

Glazed pottery

Glynn, J., Commander, U.S.N., in Nagasaki (1847)

Go, game

Go, prefix, "second," with Emperor's name

Goa, Jesuits at

Go-Daigo, 96th Emperor (1318-39); against Hojo; dethroned; escapes from Oki; re-enters Kyoto; his rescripts; after restoration; tricked by Ashikaga Takauji; death; scholarship

Go-Enyu, Northern Emperor (1371-82)

justify;">Go-Fukakusa, 89th Emperor (1246-59)

Go-Fushimi, 93d Emperor (1298-1301), son of Fushimi; opposes Go-Daigo

Go-Hanazono, 102nd Emperor (1428-65)

Gohei, paper strips

Go-Horikawa, 86th Emperor (1221-32)

Go-Ichijo, 68th Emperor (1017-36)

Goji-in, temple in Yedo

Go-Kameyama, 99th Emperor (1372-92); abdicates

Go-Kashiwabara, 104th Emperor, (1500-26)

Go-Kogon, Northern Emperor (1352-71)

Go-Komatsu, 100th Emperor (1392-1412), in Northern dynasty (1382-92)

Go-Komyo, 110th Emperor (1643-54)

Gokuki-ji or To-ji, Shingon temple in Kyoto; temple in Yedo

Gokyogoku Yoshitsune, work on landscape gardening

Gold in Japan; discovery in Mutsu, and used in great image of Buddha; exported; coins

Gold lacquer

Golden Pavilion (1397)

Golden Tatars in China

Go-Mizu-no-o, 108th Emperor (1611-29)

Go-Momozono, 118th Emperor (1770-80)

Go-Murakami, 97th Emperor (1339-68); escapes to Kanao; asked to return after Suko's removal; death

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