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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

105th Emperor 1526 57 Gongen see Tokugawa IeyasuGo Nijo


105th Emperor (1526-57)

Gongen see Tokugawa Ieyasu

Go-Nijo, 94th Emperor (1301-7), son of Go-Uda

Go-Reizei, 70th Emperor (1046-68)

Goro see Tokimune

Go-Saga, 88th Emperor (1243-46)

Go-Saien, 111th Emperor (1654-63)

Go-Sakuramachi, (117th) Empress (1762-70)

Go-Sanjo, 71st Emperor (1069-72), Prince Takahito

Go-Sannen, "After Three-Years War" (1089-91)

Goseibai-shikimoku, criminal laws of Yasutoki

Go-Sekke, "Five Regent Houses"

Gosen-shu, anthology

Go-Shirakawa, 77th Emperor (1156-8); camera government (1158-92); life threatened; confined in palace; sent to Rokuhara; under Yoshinaka's protection; opposes Yoshinaka; calls Yoritomo to Kyoto; sends Yoshitsune to front; relations with Yoritomo; death

Go-Shu jaku, 69th Emperor (1037-45), Prince Atsunaga

Go-Toba, 82nd Emperor (1184-98), refuses to appoint Imperial prince shogun; called "original recluse"; quarrels with Yoshitoki; exiled; Japanese verse

Goto Matabei, defies Ieyasu; defends

Osaka castle

--Yujo (1435-1512), metal-worker

Go-Tsuchimikado, 103d Emperor (1465-1500)

Go-Uda, 91st Emperor (1274-87), son of Kameyama

Government, primitive administration; connexion with worship; early finance; reign of Suinin; two-fold classification; uji; feudal and prefectural; under Daika; under Daiho; of Ashikaga; Hideyoshi's scheme; early Tokugawa; Tokugawa Bakufu; centralized after Restoration; local, in Meiji era

Governor-general of 10 provinces, kwanryo; of 4, kubo

Go Yoshihiro, swordsmith

Go-Yozei, 107th Emperor (1586-1611)

Gozu Tenno, "Emperor Ox-head," name of Susanoo

Granaries, Imperial, miyake; in Korea; in reign of Ankan; of Senkwa

Grant, U. S., suggests compromise over Ryukyu

"Great Name Possessor" myth

Great-Producing Kami

Gromovoi, Russian cruiser at Vladivostok

Guards, criticized by Miyoshi Kiyotsura; duties transferred to kebiishi

Guilds, be, 71-2, 94; heads of kumi-gashira, in village rule

Gunkan Kyojujo, naval college at Tsukiji

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