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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

In Kamakura on Tsurugaoka hill

Gwangyo-ji, temple where Kwazan took tonsure

Gyogi, Korean Buddhist priest, propaganda and reconciliation of Buddhism and Shinto

Gyokushitsu, priest, Emperor gives purple robes to

Hachijoshima, island

Hachiman, War God, at Usa, oracle of; tutelary of Minamoto; shrine of, in Kamakura on Tsurugaoka hill; revenue of temple; patron of pirates; shrine of Iwashimizu; shrine at Atsuta

Hachiman Taro see Minamoto Yoshiiye

Hachioka, temple of

Hachisuka Iemasa (1558-1638)

Hades, myth of

Hae, mother of emperors Kenso and Ninken

Hagiwara Shigehide, chief of Treasury, debases coinage; his report; impeached

Haicheng in fighting of 1894

Hair, racial mark

Hair-dressing and hair-cutting, ancient; dividing the hair (mizura) goes out when official caps come in; tied up in time of Temmu; girl's hair bound up by lover; in Heian epoch; in Kamakura period; in Sadanobu's laws

Hair pins, as insignia; cicada-shaped, marks of grade after Daika

Hai-ryong, Korea

Hakamadare Yasusake, bandit

Hakata, in Chikuzen, defended against Toi; port in Heian epoch; Mongol envoys executed at; China trade; American vessels allowed in port

Hakodate, Americans in

Hakone, tolls, at barrier; guarded by Okubo

Hakozaki Gulf, Chikuzen, Mongol landing at; bay fortified (1280); base of second Mongol invasion

Haku-chi, "White Pheasant," second nengo or year-period (650-4 A.D.)

Hakuseki see Arai Hakuseki

Hall, Consul-General J. C., translation of Joei code; Kemmu code; Laws of Military Houses

Han, Chinese dynasty, later (25-220 A.D.); disorder after fall of

Han, Land of, see Korea

Hanawa Naotsugu in defence of Osaka castle

Hanazono, 95th Emperor (1307-18)

Hand Bay near Kinchou; Russian gunboats in

Hanishi, potters

Haniwa, clay effigies, buried instead of human sacrifices

Haniyasu, half-brother of Sujin, rebels against him

Hansho, 18th Emperor (406-11); loyal brother of Richu

Hara, castle in Shimabara, occupied by Christians, captured

Haranobu see Takeda Shingen

Harbin, Russian railway

Hare in myth


Harima, province, fortifications in, (1280); transferred from Akamatsu to Yamana (1441)

Harris, Townsend (1803-78), U.S. consul-general, concludes commercial treaty (1857)

Harumoto see Hosokawa Harumoto

Harunari see Hitotsubashi Harunari

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