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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Brother of Hideyoshi Hideyasu



Hasegawa receive fief of Arima

--Heizo in charge of Ishikawa house of correction

Hashiba see Toyotomi Hideyoshi

--Hidekatsu (1567-93), son of Nobunaga, adopted by Hideyoshi

--Hidenaga (1540-91), brother of Hideyoshi

--Hideyasu, Ogimaru, son of Ieyasu

Hashimoto Sanae favours foreign trade; leader in Imperial movement

--Tsunatsune, Viscount (d. 1909)

Hatahi, sister of Okusaka, marries Ohatsuse

Hatakeyama family, estates; Muromachi kwanryo; one of Five Regent Houses; in Onin disturbance; join Eastern Army (1472); "province holders"

--Kunikiyo (d. 1364), general under Motouji, removed from office of shitsuji

--Masanaga (d. 1493), succeeds Mochikuni; displaced, driven from capital; death

--Mitsuiye (d. 1433) captures Sakai (1400); Yoshimochi's minister

--Mochikuni (1397-1455), called Tokuhon, minister for Ashikaga Yoshimasa; succession

--Shigetada (1164-1205), at Ichi-no-tani; adviser of Yoriiye; assassinated by Hojo Tokimasa


(d. 1493), large estate, succession; kwanryo

--Yoshitoyo (d. 1499)

Hatano, brothers killed by Nobunaga

Hatsuse, Japanese battleship lost off Port Arthur

Hallo-gaki, Prohibitory Writings, code, (1742)


Hayabito or Hayato ("Falcon Men"), palace guard; possibly Kumaso

Hayama Muneyori, punished for cowardice

Hayashi family, function of reading military laws; true Confucianists; education at Yedo

Doshun or Kazan (1583-1657), Confucianist, on bell-inscription; ethics and history; traces descent of Emperor from Chinese prince

Harukatsu, son of Razan, historiographer

Mitsukatsu, soldier of Nobunaga

Nobuatsu, Confucianist; petitions for pardon of "47 Ronins"; lectures at Shohei College

Razan see Hayashi Doshun

Shibei (1754-93) urges coast defense

Head, racial marks

Heaven, Plain of High, myth

"Heavenly Grandchild," tenson

Heavenlv Young Prince

Heguri, beginning of power of; descendants of Takenouchi; founder of family, Tsuku, in Richu's reign; revolt of suppressed

Hei and Heike, Chinese name for Taira; Gen and Hei

Heian epoch, capital at Kyoto, or Heian-jo (Castle of Peace), 794-1192 A.D.

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