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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Aids Yoshikage against Nobunaga


as sign of race

Heihachiro see Oshio Heihachiro

Heiji, year period, 1159-60; the tumult of the year; results

Heijo, 51st Emperor (806-9), son of Kwammu

Heikautai, battle of (1905)

Hemp, cultivation of

Herb of longevity

Hereditary office and rank; in Shotoku's 17-Article Constitution; the Daika tries to abolish hereditary office holding

Hi, river, in myth

Hida, messenger in search for Buddhist devotees


Hida Takumi, architect

Hidehito see Go-Momozono

Hidekatsu see Hashiba Hidekatsu

Hideiye see Ukita Hideiye

Hidenaga see Hashiba Hidenaga

Hidetada branch of Tokugawa, extinct with Ietsugu (1716)

Hidetada see Tokugawa Hidetada

Hidetsugu see Toyotomi Hidetsugu

Hideyasu see Matsudaira Hideyasu

Hideyori see Toyotomi Hideyori

Hideyoshi see Toyotomi Hideyoshi

style="text-align: justify;">Hie-no-yama, monastery later called Hiei-zan

Hiei-zan, mountain N.E. of Kyoto, between Yamashiro and Omi, on which was Enryaku-ji monastery; power checked by Yoshinori; and Takauji; in Hokke-ikki; aids Yoshikage against Nobunaga; punished by Nobunaga; monastery rebuilt; abbot invites Vilela to Kyoto

Higami, mother of Shomu, consort of Mommu

Higashi-dera, temple in Kyoto, Takauji's headquarters

Higashiyama, 113th Emperor (1687-1710)

Higashi-yama, hill E. of Kyoto, site of Yoshimasa's palace; name used of craze for objets d'art, and of lacquer

Higuchi Kanemitsu, Yoshinaka's body guard

Hiki Munetomo (d. 1203)

Yoshikazu, in Bakufu council, plots against Hojo and is assassinated

Hikoho no Ninigi, his descent upon Kyushu; rationalization of myth; founder of empire

Hinayana, exoteric Buddhism; the Small Vehicle

Hino family, shikken in Camera palace

Hirado, island, occupied by Mongols (1281); Chinese trade; Xavier in; Portuguese trade; rivalry with Omura; Dutch headquarters, and English; English factory closed (1623)

Hirafu, warden of Koshi, campaigns against Sushen (658-660), and Yemishi (655)

Hiragana, syllabary

Hirai, castle

Hirasaka, now Ifuyo-saka

Hirata Atsutane (1776-1843) on Japanese government; Shinto revival; quoted

Hirate Masahide, tutor of Nobunaga, suicide

Hirohira, son of Murakami, set aside from succession

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