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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

On Kanazawa bunko library Morotoki


commander, attempts to bottle-up Port Arthur

Hirotada see Tokugawa Hirotada

Hirotsugu see Fujiwara Hirotsugu

Hirozumi see Sumiyoshi Gukei

Hisaakira, Prince (1276-1328), shogun (1289-1308)

Historiography, early; the "Six National Histories" (697-887); compilations of Tokugawa period

Hitachi; Taira in

Fudoki, ancient record (715 A.D.)

Maru, Japanese transport sunk by Russians

Hitomaru see Kakinomoto Hitomaru

Hitotsubashi, branch of Tokugawa eligible to shogunate, named from gate of Yedo; Ienari's descent from

Harunari, father of fenari; reactionary policy; ambition opposed by Sadanobu

Hiyeda Arc (647), chamberlain, historiography

Hiyoshi, Shinto temple

Hizen, Tsuchi-gumo in; Mongol invaders in (1281); natives of, settle in China; fiefs surrendered; clan representation

--Genji, or Matsuura

"Hoe" among early implements; distributed to farmers (723)

Hoei, year-period (1704-10) debased coinage of

style="text-align: justify;">Ho-en, year-period (1135-40)

Hogen insurrection (1156; in year-period 1156-8); result

Hohodemi, myth of; name applied to Iware in "Chronicles"

Hojo, family holding office of shikken; power increased by Tokimasa; Hojo regency established; excellent rule; the nine regents; control of shogun; Oshu revolt; Go-Daigo overthrows; suicide of leaders; Go-Daigo's rescript; part of estates seized; rising in 1334; system imitated by the Ashikaga

--of Odawara, fight Satomi in Kwanto; alliance with Takeda; their importance; last eastern enemy of Nobunaga; defeated by Hideyoshi

Hojoki, Annals of a Cell

Hojo Kudaiki, on Kanazawa-bunko library

--Morotoki, regent (1301-11)

--Nagatoki (1230-64), shikken (1256)

--Nakatoki, fails to arrest Go-Daigo (1331); escapes from Rokuhara

--Sadatoki (1270-1311), regent 1284-1301, and in camera to; succession to Fushimi

--Sanetoki founds Kanazawa-bunko

--Soun, or Nagauji (1432-1519), reduces taxes; seizes Izu province

--Takaiye, commander against Go-Daigo

--Takatoki (1303-33), last of Hojo regents, 1311-33; Go-Daigo's quarrel; suicide

--Tokifusa, leader against Kyoto in Shokyu struggle; one of first tandai

--Tokimasa (1138-1215), guardian of Yoritomo; kills lieutenant-governor of Izu; in Awa; in Suruga; messenger to Yoshitsune; governs Kyoto; military regent; constables and stewards; high constable at Court; gives power of Minamoto to Hojo; kills Yoriiye, becomes shikken; exiled

--Tokimasu, death, (1333)

Hojo Tokimori, in southern Rokuhara

--Tokimune (1251-84), son of Tokiyori; regent (1256-84); Mongol invasion; Buddhism, and Buddhist temples; Nichiren

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