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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Guardian of Ashikaga Yoshimitsu


73rd Emperor (1087-1107)

Horses, cavalry; "horse hunting"; wooden pictures, votive offerings; racing

Horyu-ji, Buddhist temple at Nara (607); ideographic inscription in; dancers' masks and records; statues

Hoshikawa, son of Kara, seizes treasury and plots for throne

Hoshina Masayuki (1609-72), guardian of Ietsuna

Hosho-ji, temple built by Shirakawa; cherry picnics; image

Hosoi Kotaku, calligraphist

Hosokawa, Harima, manor given to Fujiwara Tameiye; family favours Takauji; large estates; Muromachi kwanryo; one of Five Regent Houses; power in 15th century; Yamana family; Eastern army in Onin struggle; crushed by Miyoshi; "province holders"; in Sanuki

--Harumoto (1519-63), son of Sunimoto, in civil war; joined by Kokyo

--Katsumoto(1430-73), kwanryo; estates; feud with the Hatakeyama; quarrels with Yamana, shitsuji; death

--Kiyouji (d. 1362), goes over to Southern Court; defeated

--Masomoto (1466-1507)

--Mitsumoto (1378-1426), minister to Ashikaga Yoshimochi

--Sumimoto (1496-1520), kwanryo, (1507); exiled


(d. 1507)

--Tadaoki (1564-1645), discloses plot against Ieyasu; tries to kill Ishida; helps Ieyasu

--Takakuni (d. 1531); driven out by Sumimoto's son; death

--Yoriyuki (1329-92), guardian of Ashikaga Yoshimitsu; administration and death

Hospitals, Jesuit

Hosso, first Buddhist sect in Japan (653); Gembo studies tenets

Hostages, women, "Pillow children"; of feudatories at Yedo

Hosuseri, myth of

Hotta family, Bakufu ministers from

--Masamori (1606-51), minister of Iemitsu, suicide

--Masamutsu (1810-64) aids Townsend Harris

--Masatoshi (1631-84), on succession to shogunate; chief minister; assassinated

Hotto, Buddhist abbots

Household, unit of administration under Daiho

Household Department, under Daika, and Daiho

Hsia Kwei, Kamakura painter

Hsuan-ming calendar revised (1683)

Hsu Fuh, Chinese Taoist, search for elixir of life

Hulbert, History of Korea quoted

Human sacrifice, at funerals, replaced by use of effigies, abolished; in public works

Hun river, Manchuria

Hunting in prehistoric times; keeping dogs or falcons forbidden by Shotoku

Hyakunin-isshu, "Poems of a Hundred Poets"

Hyecha, Buddhist priest, instructor of Prince Shotoku

Hyogo, now Kobe, in Ashikaga revolt; battle; trade with China; English demonstration (1866) against

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