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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Son of Yoshimoto Yoshimoto 1519 60 rules Suruga


Kumaso in

Ibaraki-doji, bandit

Ice storage

Ichijo, 66th Emperor (987-1011)

--family, one of "Five Regent Houses"; leave Court for Tosa

--Fuyuyoshi, scholar

--Kaneyoshi (1402-81), regent, adviser of Ashikaga Yoshihisa; author; on religions

Ichiman see Minamoto Ichiman

Ichinei (I Ning, or Nei-issan), Buddhist priest

Ichi-no-tani, near Hyogo, in Settsu, defeat of Taira at

Icho-mura, birthplace of Hideyoshi

Ideographs, Chinese, historical writing; and Japanese language; date of introduction; adapted for syllabic purposes; in early laws

Ieharu see Tokugawa Ieharu

Iehisa see Shimazu Iehisa

Iemitsu see Tokugawa Iemitsu

Iemochi see Tokugawa Iemochi

Ienari see Tokugawa Ienari

Ienobu see Tokugawa Ienobu

Iesada see Tokugawa Iesada

Ieshige see Tokugawa Ieshige

Ietsugu see Tokugawa Ietsugu

justify;">Ietsuna see Tokugawa Ietsuna

Ieyasu see Tokugawa Ieyasu

Ieyoshi see Tokugawa Ieyoshi

Iga, Prince, see Otomo

Iharu Atamaro, leader of Yemishi (780)

Ii, adherents of Southern Court; Bakufu ministers from; tamarizume

--Naomasa (1561-1602), general at Sekigahara

--Naosuke, Kamon no Kami (1815-60), advocates foreign intercourse; prime minister at Yedo; Tokugawa Nariaki's opposition to; foreign policy; assassinated

--Naotaka (1590-1659), minister of Iemitsu, 581, and of Ietsuna

Ikeda Isshinsai, friend of Harunari

--Nobuteru (1536-84), councillor after Nobunaga's death; defeated

--Terumasa (1564-1613), in plot against Ishida; favours Ieyasu

Iki, island, in early myth; attacked by Toi, by Mongols; held by Japan

Ikki, "revolt"

Ikko, Shin sect; Ikko-ikki, war of 1488

Ikkyu Zenji (1394-1481), priest of Daitoku-ji

Ikuno, silver mines

Imagawa, family, gives refuge to Ashikaga Yoshimichi; against Hojo; in Suruga and Mikawa; Ieyasu's relations with

--Motome, general under Date Masamune

--Sadayo (Ryoshun), tandai of Kyushu; recalled

--Ujizane (1538-1614), son of Yoshimoto

--Yoshimoto (1519-60) rules Suruga, Totomi and Mikawa; threatens Owari; defeated at Okehazama (1560)

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