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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Imperial landsImprisonmentImun

Imai Kanehira, one of Yoshinaka's four body-guards; sacrifices himself for his master

Imibe, corporation or guild of mourners, descent; guard Imperial insignia; abstainers; commissary agents in provinces; in charge of Treasury

Imjin River, Korea

Immigration, shadowed in myths; from Siberia, China, Malaysia and Polynesia; Japanese ethnologists on; of Koreans and Chinese in 3rd & 4th centuries; and later; from Shiragi (608)

Imna see Mimana

Imoko (Ono Imoko), envoy to China (607 A.D.)

Imperial lands


Imun, Korea, secured by Kudara with Japan's help

Inaba, Princess Yakami of

Masayasu, assassin of Hotta Masatoshi

Inaba-yama, castle of Saito

Inahi, brother of Jimmu

Iname see Soga Iname

Inamura-ga-saki, cliff near Kamakura

Incense fetes


India, first Japanese visitor to, Takaoka or Shinnyo

Indian architecture, influence of, through Buddhism

Indigo growing in Awa

Industrial class, in Kamakura period

Industry, early Japanese; impulse given by Buddhism in Nara epoch; development in time of Yoshimune; modern manufactures

Infantry, use of

Inheritance, law of, in Daiho legislation; in feudal system of Tokugawa

I Ning see Ichinei

Inishiki, Prince

Inkyo (Ingyo), 19th Emperor (412-53)

In-memoriam services, Shinto

Inokami, consort of Konin

Inokashira lake and Yedo water-supply

Inokuma, general of the Left, executed

Ino Tadayoshi, survey of Northern islands (1800)

Inouye Kaoru, Marquis (b. 1835)

--Tetsujiro, Dr., on Bushi ethics; on Chutsz and Wang Yang-ming

Inquisitors, Bakufu officials at Court after Shokyu war

Insei see Camera government

Insignia, sacred Imperial, mirror, sword, jewel

Inspectors of district officials, after Daika; of provincial government; in temple service

Interest on loans

Interior decoration, Yamato school

"Interior," Granary of

--Ministry of, created by Daika (645)

"Invisible" Kami

Iratsuko, rebel against Yuryaku, famous archer

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