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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Branch of TairaIwakura Tomoyoshi



Iroha-uta, text book

Iron in Korea; foundry at Akunpura

Irrigation, under Sujin; under Nintoku, in 6th and 7th centuries; rice land; in Nara epoch; in Heian epoch; under Yoshimune

Iruka see Soga Iruka

Isa, early carriage-builder

Isawa, headquarters moved from Taga to

Ise, shrine of Sun at; Yamatodake at shrine; swords offered; oracle calls Amaterasu an avatar of Buddha; Watarai shrine; revolt of 1414 in; rebuilding shrines; Oda seize; Mori insults the shrine

Ise Heishi, branch of Taira

Ise Monogatori

--Sadachika (1417-73) page of Yoshimasa; marries Yoshitoshi's sister; influence of

Ishida Katsushige, soldier of Hideyoshi; brings about Hidetsugu's death; ordered to Korea; plot against Ieyasu; takes Osaka; death

Ishide family in charge of Yedo prison

Ishido family favours Tadayoshi

Ishikawa Island, house of correction on

Ishikawa Jinshiro relieves suffering in Kyoto

Ishi-yama, temple


battle, Akiiye defeated (1338) by Ko Moronao

Iso-takeru (Itakeru), son of Susanoo

Isuraka, Korean artist

Itagaki Taisuke, Count (b. 1837); resigns from cabinet and works for parliament; organizes Liberal party; invited into Cabinet

Itakura Katsushige (1542-1624), in bell-inscription plot; in Kyoto

--Shigemune (1587-1656), protests against Go-Komyo's activities

Italians employed by Government in fine arts

Ito Hirobumi, Prince (1841-1909); premier (1885); framer of constitution; head of Liberal party; treaty with China; assassinated

--Jinsai (1627-1705), Confucianist, 626

--Sukechika (d. 1181), guardian of Minamoto Yoritomo; crushes Yoritomo's army

Ito, or Wado, Chinese name for Japanese

Itsukushima-Myojin, Buddhist shrine

Itsutse, brother of Jimmu

Iwa, consort of Nintoku, of Katsuragi family

Iwai (Ihawi) ruler of Kyushu, blocks invasion of Korea (527) but is defeated by Arakaho (528)

Iwaki, son of Kara, contests throne with Seinei

Iwaki-uji, branch of Taira

Iwakura Tomoyoshi, Prince (1825-83), leader of moderate party

Iware, life-time name of Jimmu

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