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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Seized by Hojo Soun 1491 Izumi province


fort in Mikawa

Iwatsuki, in Musashi, fortified

Iyo, province; oldest ideographic inscription (596 A.D.); held by Kono

Izanagi and Izanami, male and female Kami, creators of Japanese islands

Izayoi-nikki, journal of Abutsu-ni

Izu, early ship-building in; Minamoto Tametomo exiled to; Yoritomo in; peaceful under Kamakura rule; seized by Hojo Soun (1491)

Izumi province, rising of 1399 in

--Chikahira revolts against Hojo

--Shikibu, poetess of 11th century

Izumo in early myth; revolt in causes withdrawal of court from Yamato; gems in; conquered by Mori

Jade, "curved-jewel"

Japan, name a Dutch (15th century) perversion of Jihpen; early names

Jenghiz Khan

Jerome, Father

Jesuits in Japan; banished, but stay; order to leave checked by Hideyoshi's death; Ieyasu plays off Franciscans against; denounce Dutch ship as pirate; treated well by Ieyasu

Jesus, Jerome de. (d. 1602), Franciscan, interview with Ieyasu

Jewel, curved, chaplet, one of Imperial


Jih-pen, "Sunrise Island" name used by Chinese

Jimmu, Emperor (660-585 B.C.); chronology dating from accession; ancestry; leader in expedition against Yamato; poem mentioning Yemishi; strategem against Tsuchigumo; successors; tomb

Jimyo-in family, afterwards Hoku-cho or Northern Court, holding Chokodo estates; gets throne

Jingirryo, quoted on Board of Religion

Jingo, Empress (201-69); Chinese and Japanese chronology of reign; succession; excluded from dynasties by Dai Nihon-shi

Jingu-ji, temple built by Fujiwara Muchimaro, 192

Jinno Shotdki, "Emperor's Genealogy" work on divine right by Kitabatake Chikafusa

Jinshin, cyclical name for 672 A.D., civil war

Jisho-ji, monastery in Higashiyama, art-gallery

Jito, (41st) Empress (690-6), wife of Temmu; historiography; Sushen

Jiyu-to, Liberal party organized by Itagaki

Joben, one of "four kings" of poetry

Jocho, wood-carver

Jodo, Buddhist sect introduced (1196) by Honen; creed

Joei, year-period, (1232-3); code of 1232; basis of Kemmu code

Jokaku, sculptor

Jokwan, year-period, revision of Rules and Regulations

Jokyo, year-period (1684-7) trade limitations

Jomei, 34th Emperor (629-41), Tamura

Jo Nagashige, provincial governor, defeated

Jorin, scholar, adviser of Yoshimitsu

Josetsu (end of 14th century), bonze of Shokoku-ji, painter

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