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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Headquarters of Ashikaga family


see Fujiwara Joye

Juko see Shuko

Jun, mother of Michiyasu (Montoku)

Junna, 54th Emperor (824-33)

Junnin, 47th Emperor (758-64)

Juntoku, 84th Emperor (1211-21), son of Go-Toba, abdicates, called Shin-in, "new recluse"; exiled

Juraku-tei, "Mansion of Pleasure"

Juro see Sukenari

Justice, Department of, Gyobu-sho, under Daiha; under Daiho; in Meiji government

Justice, court of

Justices, land grants to

Justo Ukondono see Takayama

Kada Arimaro (1706-69) revises code

--Azumamaro (1668-1736), scholar, restores Japanese literature; quoted

Kaempfer, Engelbert (1651-1716), historian

Kagoshima, in Satsume, landing-place (1549) of St. Francis Xavier; bombarded by English

Kagu, Mt., in sun myth

Kai, peaceful under Kamakura rule; won by Takeda Shingen; "black horse of"

Kaigen, priest in charge of Ashikaga-gakko

Kai-koku Hei-dan, book by Hayashi

Shibei, urging coast defense

Kaikwa, 9th Emperor (157-98 B.C.)

Kaizan, priest of Myoshin-ji

Kajiwara Kagetoki (d. 1200), fighting against Yoritomo, sympathizes with him; military governor; in command of fleet quarrels with Yoshitsune; warns Yoritomo against Yoshitsune

Kakinomoto Hitomaru, poet, end of 7th century

Kamada Masaie, companion of Yoshitomo, death

Kamako see Nakatomi Kamako

Kamakura, S. of present Yokohama, Yoritomo's headquarters; military centre for 150 years; shrines built by Yoritomo; school of art; growth of luxury; fall of city (1333); headquarters of Ashikaga family; Takauji removes to Kyoto, keeping Kamakura as secondary basis; Ashikaga driven out, Uesugi come in

--Gongoro, soldier of Three Years' War

--Jidaishi, quoted on parties in Shokyu struggle

Kamatari; see Fujiwara Kamatari

Kamegiku, dancer

Kameyama, 90th Emperor (1259-74)

Kami in Japanese mythology; "creation" of chiefs; used in "Chronicles" of Yemishi chiefs; trinity of; two classes; the Kami class or Shimbetsu; worship of, in early 7th century; uji no Kami elective in Temmu's time; Shinto K., Buddha's avatars

Kamimura, Japanese admiral, crushes Vladivostok squadron

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