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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Suppresses Yemishi revoltKatari be


Katsumoto, bugyo of Toyotomi; bronze Buddha; bell-inscription

Katakana, fragments of characters, syllabary

Katana, general, suppresses Yemishi revolt

Katari-be, raconteurs

Kato Kiyomasa (1562-1611), commands second corps in invasion of Korea; sides with Yae at court; in plot against Ishida; studies Chinese classics

--Shirozaemon Kagemasa, potter

--Tadahiro, son of Kiyomasa, banished

--Yoshiaki (1563-1631), plots against Ishida

Katsu, Count (Rintaro), minister of Marine

Katsuiye see Shibata Katsuiye

Katsumi; see Nakatomi Katsumi

Katsumoto see Hosokawa Katsumoto and Katagiri Katsumoto

Katsura, princely house

--Taro, Prince (1849-1913), prime minister (1908-11)

Katsurabara, Prince (786-853), ancestor of Taira

Katsuragi, beginning of power of; descended from Takenouchi; Kara

Katsuragi Mount

Kawabe Nie, in Korea

Kawagoe, in Musashi, fortifications

justify;">Kawajiri Shigeyoshi, appointed to Hizen

Kawakatsu kills preacher of caterpillar worship

Kawamura at Mukden

Kawanaka-jima, battlefield

Kaya, moor of, Oshiwa murdered on; port

Kaya-no-in, consort of Toba

Kazuhito, Prince, son of Go-Fushimi; nominally Emperor (Kogon, 1332-35)

Kazuko, daughter of Hidetada, first Tokugawa consort

Kazumasu see Takigawa Kazumasu

Kazusa, revolt of Yemishi in; Yoritomo enters

Kebiishi, executive police (810-29)

Kegon, sect of Buddhists (736 A.D.)

Kehi-no-ura see Tsuruga

Keicho, year-period, 1596-1614, coinage of

Keicha Ajari (1640-1701), scholar

Keiki see Tokugawa Yoshinobu

Keiko, 12th Emperor (71-130); expeditions against Yemishi, against Kumaso, and Tsuchi-gumo in Bungo; tree-worship

Keitai, Emperor (507-31); serpent worship; one province added; nashiro

Keiun, poet

Kemmu era (1334-6), restoration of; crushes military houses and puts court nobles in power; name applied by Northern court to years 1336-8

--Shikimoku, code of 1337

Kencho-ji, Zen temple in Kamakura

Kenju, or Rennyo Shonin, (1415-99), Shin priest

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