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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Daughter of Fujiwara Yorimichi


daughter of Fujiwara Yorimichi, consort of Shirakawa, mother of Horikawa

Kenko see Yoshida Kenko

Kennin-ji, temple in Kyoto, Kao's studio in; one of the "Five"; priests alone could wear purple

Kennyo (1543-92), priest, intervenes for Sakai; guides Hideyoshi in Kyushu; helps turn Hideyoshi against Christians

Keno no Omi, in Korea

Kenrei-mon-in, Takakura's consort, daughter of Taira Kiyomori; drowned at Dan-no-ura

Kenshin see Uesugi Kenshin

Kenso, 23rd Emperor (485-7), originally called Oke; Yemishi do homage to

Kesa, mistress of Endo Morito (Mongaku)

Keumsyong, capital of Sinra, Korea

Khilkoff, Prince, Russian minister

Khitan Tatars, in China

Ki, family founded by Ki no Tsunu, descendant of Takenouchi; eligible to high office

--Haseo (845-912), famous scholar; plot to send him with Michizane to China; prose

--Hirozumi, leader against Yemishi, killed by them (780)

--Kosami (733-97), general against Yemishi (789), is defeated and degraded; report of the campaign

style="text-align: justify;">--Omaro, Japanese general in Korea, 6th century

--Tsurayuki (883-946), prose preface to Kokin-shu; Tosa Nikki

Kibi, old name for Bingo, Bitchu and Bizen provinces; Jimmu's stay in

--no Mabi or Makibi (693-775), Japanese student in China, minister of the Right, inventor of syllabary; opposition to Fujiwara; minister of the Right under Koken; opposes succession of Shirakabe (Konin); as litterateur

Kibumi, school of painters (604 A.D.)

Kidomaru, famous bandit

Kido Takamasa or Koin (1834-77), in alliance of Choshu and Satsuma

Kii, mythical land of trees; in Yamato expedition; promontory; armed monks in Komaki war; punished by Hideyoshi (499-500); orange growing; Tokugawa of

Kijima-yama, in Hizen, place for uta-gaki

Kikaku, verse-writer

Kikkawa in battle of Sekigahara

Motoharu (1530-86), son of Mori Motonari; adviser of Mori Terumoto; general

Kikuchi, adherents of Southern Court, in Saikai-do; make trouble in Kyushu; defeated by Otomo

Kimbusen, temple

Kimiko Hidetake in Three Years' War

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