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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Chinese scholar in Japan 516 A


29th Emperor (540-71); Yemishi do homage to; intercourse with China

Kinai, five home provinces; rice grants

Kinchou, 2d Army wins battle of (1904)

Kinoshita Junan (1621-98), Confucianist, father of Torasuke

--Torasuke, scholar, at Yedo

--Yaemon, father of Hideyoshi

Kinshudan, "Embroidered Brocade Discourse"

Kira family, masters of ceremonies

--Yoshihide killed by "47 Ronins" (1703)

--Yoshinaka, son of Yoshihide

Kiso river, boundary of Mino, crossed by Nobunaga (1561 and 1564)

Kiso Yoshinaka see Minamoto Yoshinaka

Kitabatake, adherents of Southern Court in Mutsu and Ise; put down by Yoshinori; rule in Ise

--Akiiye (1317-38); raises siege of Kyoto; killed in battle


--Chikafusa (1293-1354), historian and statesman, assistant governor of O-U; faithful to Go-Daigo; Main leader of Southern army; author of Jinno Shotoki; attempts to unite courts; death; combines Shinto, Buddhism and Confucianism; Shinto revival


revolts of

--Morokiyo, piracy

Kitamura Kigin (1618-1705) author

--Sessan, calligraphist

--Shuncho, son of Kigin

Kitano, Shinto officials of; tea fete

Kitashirakawa, Prince, abbot of Kwanei-ji

Kita-yama, Ashika Yoshimitsu's palace at; given to Buddhist priests

Kite, Golden

Kiuliencheng, on Yalu, centre of Kuroki's line

Kiyo, Princess, daughter of Saga

Kiyomaro see Wake Kiyomaro

Kiyomizu, temple

Kiyomori see Taira Kiyomori

Kiyosu, castle in Owari, conference of Nobunaga's vassals

--Naritada, scholar, 447

--Takenori, leader in Nine Years' Commotion, helps crush Abe Sadato (1062); family quarrel cause of Three Years' War

Kiyowara, family eligible to high office

Ko An-mu, Chinese scholar in Japan (516 A.D.)

Ko Moronao (d. 1351), defeats Kitabatake Akiiye at Ishizu; defeats Masatsura; shitsuji in Muromachi; plot against; killed by Uesugi

--Moroyasu (d. 1351); plot against; death

Koban, coin

Kobe, formerly Fukuhara, made capital by Kiyomori (1180); Hyogo, in Ashikaga revolt

Koben see Myoe

Kobo Daishi, posthumous name of Kukai (q.v.)

Kobun, 39th Emperor (672), Prince Otomo (q.v.) succeeds Tenchi; included in Dai Nihon-shi

Koeckebacker, Nicholas, Dutch factor, helps conquer castle of Kara

Koetomi, merchant, envoy to China

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