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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Wife of Shomu and mother of Koken


Nara temple of Hosso sect; armed men of the monastery; their quarrels and their treatment by Taira; burnt by Taira (1180); revenue of temple

Koga, in Shimosa, seat of Ashikaga after Kamakura; Shigeuji's castle

Kogen, 8th Emperor (214-158 B.C.)

Kogon, Northern Emperor (1332-5), Prince Kazuhito (q.v.), gives commission (1336) to the Ashikaga, and expects restoration to throne; becomes Zen priest

Kogo-shui, ancient record quoted

Kogyoku, (35th) Empress (642-5); abdicates, becomes Empress Dowager; again Empress see Saimei; Asuka palace; worship of silk-worm

Kohayakawa Hideaki (1577-1602), nominally against Ieyasu, but goes over in battle of Sekigahara

--Takakage (1532-96); adviser of Mori Terumoto; general of Hideyoshi; in Korean invasion; signs Hideyoshi's laws of 1595

Koide Hidemasa (1539-1604), guardian of Hideyori

Ko-jiki, Records of Ancient Things; to 628 A.D.; on Chuai; contains the Kuji-hongi; preface

Kojima, adherents of Southern Court

--Takanori, defender of Go-Daigo

Kokaku, 119th Emperor (1780-1816); his rank and his father's


(46th) Empress (749-58), daughter of Shomu, known in life as Abe; abdicates but dethrones her successor; see Shotoku, son of Kenju

Koki, Record of the Country

Kokin-shu, 10th century anthology; Ki Tsurayuki's prose preface to; comments by Keichu

Koko, 58th Emperor (885-7), Prince Tokiyasu; couplet tournaments

Koku, coin, 438-9; unit of measure

Kokubun-ji, official provincial temples; affiliated with Todai-ji; heavy expense of

Kokuli, Korea

Kokushi, provincial governor; appointed by Throne, first mentioned in 374 A.D.; after Daika (645); over kuni; Buddhist hierarchy

Kokyo, Osaka abbot, leads great revolt (1529)

Koma, Korea, now Pyong-yang; increase of power; attacked by Kudara and Japan; families in Japanese nobility; falls; migration; ruler of Pohai recognized as successor of dynasty of; envoys; Mongol invasion

Koma, suzerain of Aya-uji, assassinates Sashun

Koma-gori, in Musashi, settlement in Japan from Koma

Komaki war (1583), named from Komaki-yama

Komei, 121st Emperor (1846-67)

Komon Mitsukuni

Komura Jutaro, Marquis (1853-1911), minister of foreign affairs, peace commissioner at Portsmouth

Komyo, Imperial name of Asuka, wife of Shomu and mother of Koken; story of miraculous conception

Komyo, Emperor (1336-48) of Northern dynasty, brother of Kogon; abdicates and becomes Zen priest

Kondo, branch of Fujiwara in Kwanto

Kongobo-ji, Shingon temple on Koya-san

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