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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Yemishi do homage to 646 Kotsuke


49th Emperor (770-81), formerly Prince Shirakabe; reforms local administration; festival of his birthday, Tenchosetsu

Konin, year-period (810-24) and revision of Rules and Regulations

Konishi Yukinaga (d. 1600), commands first division in Korean invasion (1592); entrapped by Chinese diplomacy; with last troops in Korea; opposes Kato; against Ieyasu; death

Konno, swordsman

Kono family in Iyo

Konoe, 76th Emperor (1142-55)

Konoe, Imperial guards; origin; name given to Fujiwara Motomichi's descendants, kwampaku alternately with Kujo; one of "Five Regent Houses"

--Prince, leader of moderate party

--Nobuhiro (1593-1643), minister of Right

--Sakihisa (1536-1612), envoy to Shin monks

Korai, or Koma, Korea

Korea, alphabet; architecture; artisans; Buddhism; China, relations with; chronology; language; music; myth; pottery, sepulchral; scholars; treasury, Japanese; early intercourse with Japan; Jingo's conquest; granary; Japanese relations in 540-645; families in Japanese nobility; war between Japan and China for; precious metals; 8th century relations; Mongol invasion; Japanese piracy; Hideyoshi's invasion; Arai

Hakusekai's policy toward envoys; break with (1873); treaty (1875); Chinese activity in, 699-700; independence recognized by 1895 treaty; Russian aggression; Japan's interests in, recognized by Treaty of Portsmouth; Japanese occupation and annexation

Korehito, Prince, Emperor Seiwa

Korei, 7th Emperor (290-215 B.C.)

Korekimi see Fujiwara Korekimi

Koretaka, Prince (844-97), Buddhist monk and poet

Koreyasu, Prince, shogun, (1266-89)

Korietz, Russian gunboat at Chemulpo

Koriyama, in Yamato, castle commanding Izumi and Kii

Koromo, tunic, and name of a fort

Koromo-gawa, campaign on, against Yemishi

Kosa, abbot of Ishi-yama monastery

Koshi, Yemishi in

Kotesashi moor, Takauji defeated at

Koto, lute

Kotoku, 36th Emperor (645-54); Yemishi do homage to (646)

Kotsuke, early Kamitsuke, a dukedom; revolt of Yoshinaka in, (1180); won by Kenshin; silk growing in

Koya, reptile Kami of; snow festival of

Koyama, branch of Fujiwara in Kwanto; one of "8 Generals" of Kwanto

Koyane (Ame-no-Koyane) ancestor of Nakatomi

Koya-san, mountain in Kii, temple of Kongobo-ji; threatened after Komaki war; shrine; nobles enter

Koyomaro, warden of Mutsu, killed by Yemisi (724)

Koze (Kose); family descended from Takenouchi

Koze Fumio, scholar; Chinese prose

--Kanaoka (850-90), painter and landscape artist of Kyoto; school,

Kublai Khan and the Mongol invasion

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