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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

On Takenouchi no Sukune Prince

Kubo, governor general of 4 provinces

Kuchiki Mototsuna (1549-1632) at battle of Sekigahara

Kuchinotsu, port, Jesuits invited to

Kudara, Korea, now Seoul; Japanese alliance; weaver from; scribe; relations with Yuryaku; story of Multa; invaded by Koma; secures Imun; gains through friendship of Japan; Buddhism; wars with Shiragi and Koma; crushed by Shiragi and China; migration from

Kudara Kawanari, painter

Kudo Suketsune, killed in vendetta (1193)

Kuga family, eligible for office of highest rank

--Nagamichi, minister under Go-Daigo

Kugeshu-hatto, Ieyasu's law for Court nobles

Kugyo (1201-19), son of Yoriiye, assassinates Sanetomo

Kuhi brings scales and weights from China

Kujihongi, history

Kujo, descendants of Fujiwara Kanezane, chosen Kwampaku alternately with Konoe; one of "Five Regent Houses"

Kukai (posthumously, Kobo Daishi), (774-835) Buddhist priest, called by some inventor of mixed Shinto; founder (809) of Shingon (True Word) system, calligrapher, and inventor of hira-gana syllabary; portrait; shrine (ill.)

Kuma, Southern tribe

Kumagaye Naozane (d. 1208), kills Taira Atsumori

Kumaso, early inhabitants of Kyushu; possibly of Korean origin; may be identical with Hayato; called Wado by Chinese; Keiko's expedition against; Chuai's expedition

Kume, Dr., on Yamato-dake's route of march; on Takenouchi-no-Sukune

--Prince, dies on expedition to Shiragi


Kumebe, palace guards

Kunajiri, Russians seized at (1814)

Kuno, castle of, in Totomi

Kurama, temple of, Yoshitsune escapes from

Kurando or Kurodo, Imperial estates bureau, office established; K.-dokoro precursor of kwampaku; held by Minamoto Yorimasa

Kurayamada, conspirator against Soga; suicide

Kuriles, Russians in; Japanese title recognized

Kuriyama Gen, contributor to Dai Nihon-shi

Kuro, lady of Takenouchi family

Kuroda Nagamasa (1568-1623) soldier of Hideyoshi; against Ishida; favours Ieyasu; studies Chinese classics

Kurodo see Kurando

Kuroki, Ibei, Count (b.1844), commands on Yalu; defeats Russians; head of 1st Army; attempts to turn Russian flank; at Mukden

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