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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Title passes from Ashikaga to Uesugi family


see Takamuku Kuromaro

Kuropatkin, Alexei Nikolaievitch (b.1848), Russian commander-in-chief in Manchuria; plans before and after Liaoyang; succeeded by Linievitch

Kusaka, defeat of Jimmu at

Kusakabe, Prince, (d. 690) son of Temmu and Jito

Kusano support Southern Court

Kusu (Kusuriko), daughter of Fujiwara Tanetsugu, consort of Heijo

Kusu, wife of Oto, kills him

Kusunoki, adherents of Southern Court

--Jiro, in attack on palace (1443)

--Masahide rebels in 1428

--Masanori (d. 1390) minister; joins Northern party, returns to Southern

--Masashige (1294-1336), called Nanko, defender of Go-Daigo; provincial governor; against Ashikaga; death, (ill.)

--Masatoki, death

--Masatomo defeats Nobunaga in Ise

--Masatsura (132648), son of Masashige; receives Go-Daigo in Yoshimo; campaign in Settsu

Kuwana, castle of Takigawa Kazumasu, in Ise

Kuzuno, Prince, son of Kobun, sacrifices his claim to throne (696)


in Shinano, castle

Kivaifu-so, anthology of poems (751)

Kwaikei, sculptor

Kwammu, 50th Emperor (782-805), formerly Yamabe; changes capital to Kyoto (792); posthumous names first used; sends Saicho to study Chinese Buddhism

Kwampaku, regent for grown Emperor, mayor of palace, office established (882); decline of power under Go-Sanjo; foreshadowed by Kurando-dokoro; chosen alternately from Kujo and Konoe; office abolished after Kemmu restoration; unimportant after Tokugawa period

Kwampei era (889-97), Counsels of, Uda's letter to Daigo

Kwanei, year period, (1621-43); Kwanei Shake Keizu-den, genealogical record; Kwanei-ji, temple

Kwangaku-in, uji academy, founded (821)

Kwangtung peninsula, in battle of Kinchou

Kwang-wu, Chinese emperor, Japanese envoy to

Kwanji, period, (1087-94)

Kwanki, period, (1229-32), crop failure and famine

Kwanko see Sugawara Michizane

Kwanno Chokuyo establishes school in Yedo

Kwannon, Mercy, Buddhist goddess; Shirakawa's temple; temple at Kamakura

Kwanryo, governor general; list of Kamakura k.; title passes from Ashikaga to Uesugi family; also given (1367) to shitsuji in shogun's court, and held by Shiba, Hosokawa and Hatakeyama families; compared with shikken and betto

Kwansei, year-period, 1789-1800, vagabonds in Yedo during

Kwanto, or Bando, many shell-heaps in; army raised in, against Yemishi; Taira and Minamoto fight in; Minamoto supreme in; Ashikaya supreme; Eight Generals of, combine against Uesugi; battle-ground; war between branches of Uesugi and Hojo and Satomi; in Battle Period

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