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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Manufacture in time of Yoshimasa


65th Emperor (985-6)

Kwobetsu, families of chieftains of the conquest, Imperial class; pre-historic administration; classification in Seishwoku; revolt; rank of Empress

Kyaku, "official rules" supplementing Yoro laws; revised; (819)

Kyogen, comic play

Kyogoku, one of four princely houses

--Takatsugu (1560-1609)

Kyoho, year-period, (1716-35); K.-kin, coins then minted

Kyong-sang, Korea

Kyoriku, verse-writer

Kyoroku, year-period, (1528-31)

Kyoto, capital 794 A.D.; two cities and two markets; capital momentarily moved to Fukuhafa (1180); evacuated by Taira (1183); school of art; culture; Go-Daigo's conspiracy; in war of dynasties; Takauji removes to; ravaged; Nobunaga restores order; under Hideyoshi; Portuguese; Xavier; Jesuits; Vilela; Franciscan church; patent to missionaries; shogun's deputy in; Ieyasu; Iemitsu's demonstration against; Court excluded from power; vendetta illegal in; great fire (1788); rebuilding; government; loyalist intrigues in: extremists driven from; foreign ministers invited to

Kyuka, priest

Kyushu, early myth; expedition against Yamato; situation;

Kingdom called Wo by Chinese; government station; Keiko's expedition against Kumaso; granary; trade; Mongol invasion; revolt of 1349; taken from Ashikaga; disorder; piracy; great families; Hideyoshi's invasion; early European intercourse; Christians

Lacquer, trees, planting of, required for tenure of uplands; development of art in Nara epoch; in Heian; ware exported; manufacture in time of Yoshimasa; (ill.)

Ladies-in-waiting, uneme, at early court; dancers; Yoshimune's reforms

Land and land-holding, pre-historic; royal fees; taxation; Daika reform; all land Crown property; 6-year lease; sustenance grants lead to feudalism; Daiho laws; reclaimed uplands; centralized holdings, 8th century; grants for reclamation; maximum holdings; abuses in system; large estates; Go-Sanjo's reforms; territorial name; constables and stewards; Shokyu tumult; new distribution; Joei laws; Go-Daigo's grants; estates under Ashikaga; military holdings; tax; Crown lands pass to military houses; Hideyoshi's laws; taxes

Landscape-gardening, in the Heian epoch; in Kamakura period; patronized by Yoshimasa, in Muromachi epoch; at Momoyama

Land steward, jito, and chief steward, so-jito, in Yorikomo's reform of land; shimpo-jito, land holders and stewards after the Shokyu war

Language; in Heian epoch; difficulties for preaching

Lanterns, (ill.)

La Perouse, Strait of, claimed as Russian boundary

Law, in time of Ojin; criminal, protohistoric period; of Daiho; code of 1232 A.D.; Kemmu code; Hideyoshi's legislation; Laws of Military Houses; Laws for Court Nobles; of Iemitsu and Ietsuna; real code; in Tokugawa period; codified after Restoration; Department, in Meiji administration

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