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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Attempt to make break between Ieyasu and


first offspring of Izanagi and Izanami

Left Minister of, Sa-daijin, office created by Daika

Legs, length, as racial mark

Lese Majeste under Daiho code

Liao River, Russians forced into valley of

Liaotung peninsula, Chinese forces in, (1592), defeated by Japanese; fighting in 1894 in; Russian lease of

Liaoyang, battle of

Liberal party, Jiyu-to organized (1878) by Itagaki; unites with Progressists and forms Constitutionist party

Library of Kanazawa-biwko; of Shohei-ko; of Momijiyama Bunko; and Shinto

Liefde, Dutch ship

Li Hung-chang (1823-1901), Chinese plenipotentiary for peace of 1895

Li Lungmin, artist

Linievitch, Nikolai Petrovitch (b.1834), Russian general, succeeds Kuropatkin in command, defeated at Mukden

Literature, in Nara epoch; in Heian epoch; in Tenryaku era, 261; in Kamakura epoch; in Muromachi period; under Hideyoshi; place of, in Military Houses' Laws; in Court Laws; Ieyasu's attitude; Tsunayoshi encourages Japanese and Chinese; favoured by Yoshimune; Japanese, restoration of; foreign; Chinese

justify;">Liu-Jen-kuei, Chinese general, defeats Japanese in Korea (662 A.D.)

Lloyd, Rev. A., on Buddhism, Tendai, Hosso; and Shinto

Longevity, herb of

Longford's Korea cited

Loochoo see Ryukyu Islands


Lotus festival

Loyalty, in early times; in Heian epoch; in Tokugawa period

Lute, of Susanoo; the koto, made from the ship Karano; biya, 4-stringed Chinese lute

Mabuchi see Kamo Mabuchi

Macao, trade with; Jesuits there; annual vessel from; embassy of 1640 from

Machado, Joao Baptista de (1581-1617), Jesuit, executed

Machi-ya, shop

Madre de Dios, Pessoa's ship

Maeda Gen-i or Munehisa (1539-1602), guardian of Oda Nobutada's son Samboshi; in charge of Kyoto Buddha

--Toshiiye (1538-99), fails to help Shibata Katsuiye; commands armies in Komaki war, and against Hojo; one of 6 senior ministers; attempt to make break between Ieyasu and; death

--Toshinaga (1562-1614), son of Toshiiye, favours Ieyasu; simulates madness

Magic and incantations, of Buddhist abbot Raigo; general belief in

Mahayana, Great Vehicle, esoteric Buddhism

Mahitotsu, metal worker

Makaroff, Stephan Osipovitch (1848-1904), Russian admiral drowned with Petropavlovsk

Maketsu, Chinese or Korean spinning woman, immigrant to Japan

Maki, wife of Hojo Tokimasa, favours her son-in-law, Minamoto Tomomasa

Makibi see Kibi no Mabi

Makura Soshi, book by Sei Shonagon

Mallets and "mallet-headed" swords

Mamiya Rinzo (1781-1845) discovers (1826) that Saghalien is not part of continent

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