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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

One of three sections of Bakufu


Prince, in charge of Record of Uji

Manabe Norifusa, minister under Ienobu, and Ietsugu; removed from Treasury by Yoshimune

Manchu-Korean subdivision of Asiatic yellow race

Manchuria, in colonization from northern China; part ceded to Japan by treaty of 1895, but not occupied after Russian, German and French note; Russian designs upon; Russia's failure to evacuate, and negotiations over "open door"; Russo-Japanese war; evacuation of, provided for by treaty of Portsmouth; Japanese position in

Man-dokoro, administration bureau, one of three sections of Bakufu, formerly called kumon-jo; in administration of Kyoto after Shokyu war; in Muromachi administration

Maneko, atae of Iki, suicide

Man-en, year-period, 1860, coinage of

Manhattan, American ship, enters Uraga

Mannen tsuho, coin

Manners and customs, remote; in time of Yuryaku; in Muromachi period

Manors, large estates, shoen; attempts to regulate; koden, tax free, granted to Taira after Heiji tumult; Yoritomo's memorial on; abuses of, remedied by appointment of constables and land stewards; distribution after restoration of Kemmu; gifts of Takauji


of slaves

Manyo-shu, "Myriad Leaves" first Japanese anthology; compared with Kokinshu; on character of soldier; comments on, by Keichu

Map, official, begun under Hideyoshi

Market Commissioners, after Daika

Markets, ichi, in early Japan; in Nara epoch

Marquis, asomi, title established by Temmu

Marriage in early Japan; and the festival of utakai; none recognized among slaves by Daika; in Nara and earlier epochs; in laws of Military Houses; between military and court families; child marriage

Marubashi Chuya, leader in revolt of 1651

Masa, daughter of Hojo Tokimasa, mistress of Minamoto Yoritomo; mother of Yoriiye and the power, with Tokimasa, in his administration; saves Sanetomo; plea to generals of Bakufu; death (1225)

Masakado see Taira Masakado

Masanobu (1453-90), painter

Masanori see Kusunoki Masanori

Masashige see Kusunoki Masashige

Masatomo see Ashikaga Masatomo

Masatoshi see Hotta Masatoshi

Masayasu see Inaba Masayasu

Masks for dances, sculptured; no masks

Masses, Buddhist

Masuda Nagamori (1545-1615), one of 5 administrators, plots with Ishida against Ieyasu; enters monastery after Sekigahara

Masukagami, history of 1184-1333, on literature

Mats, tatami, floor-coverings; tatsu-gomo

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