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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Succession to Yoshimune Sadanobu 1758 1829


Pine Plain

Matsudaira, origin of family; of Aizu, etc.

--Hideyasu (1574-1607), son of Ieyasu

--Masatsuna (1567-1648), Tokugawa agent in Kyoto

--Mitsunaga (1615-1717), punished by shogun

--Motoyasu see Tokugawa Ieyasu

--Nobutsuna (1596-1662), minister of Iemitsu, and of Ietsuna

--Norimura, minister of Yoshimune, drafts code (1742); succession to Yoshimune

--Sadanobu (1758-1829), revises code; minister under Ienari; sumptuary laws; educational reforms; retires; matter of rebuilding palace; rank of Tsunehito and Hitotsubashi Harunari; revises rules of procedure

--Tadanao, punished by Tokugawa in 1623

--Tadatem (1593-1683), daimyo of Echigu; removed

--Yoshinaga, baron of Echizen, advocates foreign trade; importance in new Japan

Matsukura Shigemasa (1574-1630), persecutes Christians, urges conquest of Philippines

Matsumae, ruling Northern islands, clash with Russians

Matsuriaga Hisahide (1510-77), kills Norinaga and the shogun Yoshiteru; ally of Shingen

Matsuo Basho

(1644-94), verse writer

Matsushita Yukitsuna, soldier under whom Hideyoshi served

Matsuura, in Hizen, Toi attack unsuccessfully; branch of Minamoto; support Southern Court; attitude toward Xavier

Mayor of the palace, kwampaku

Ma Yuan, painter

Mayuwa kills Anko

Measures, early; standard (senshi-mashu) of Go-Sanjo; in Hideyoshi's laws


Medicine-hunting, early court amusement

Meiji, "Enlightened Government" year-period 1868-1912; posthumous name of Mutsuhito

Meitoku, year-period, 1390-3, and the rising of 1391

Men, ideographic Japanese used by

Menju Shosuke, impersonates Shibata Katsuiye and saves him

Mercy, goddess, Kwannon

Merit lands, Koden, granted for public services

Mexico, Spanish ships from

Michelborne, Sir Edward, on Japanese sailors (1604 or '5)

Michi no Omi, ancestor of Otomo

Michinaga see Fujiwara Michinaga

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