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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

In Yorimasa conspiracy Kugyo see Kugyo Mitsukune

Michiyasu, Prince; Emperor Montoku (q.v.)

Michizane see Sugawara Michizane

Mikado, origin of title; name appropriated for residence of Soga Emishi

Mikata-ga-hara, war of, (1572-3)

Mikawa, province, Oda defeat Imagawa in; fighting in Komaki war

Mikena, brother of Jimmu

Military Affairs, in ancient Japan; first conscription (689 A.D.); organization under Daiho; during Nara epoch; improvement in organization in 12th century; development of tactics; foreign military science; conscription laws and samurai; new army justified by Satsuma rebellion; modern army organization

Military Art of Bushi

--class, shi; in Kamakura period

--code, Gumbo-ryo, of Daiho laws

--dues, Buke-yaku

--ethics, and Primer of Yamaga Soko

Military houses, buke, rise in 8th century; 10th; 11th; power increased by Hogen and Heiji insurrections; Minamoto ideals; finances; crushed by Kemmu restoration; Northern Court follows system of; in Ashikaga times; Onin disorder; Muromachi period; land holdings; power in Tokugawa period; Laws of; intermarry with Court nobles; weakness

Militia, kondei, in 8th century


Milky Way in myth

Millet as substitute for rice

Mimaki, life-time name of Emperor Sujin

Mimana (Imna), Japanese name for Kara, Korea; Japanese influence there; Tasa leads revolt in; part ceded to Kudara; Keno in; pretended expedition against; Shiragi overpowers; Japan intervenes in war between Shiragi and; Shiragi invades (622); families from, in 9th century nobility

Mimasaka, province, given to Yamana family (1441)

Mimashi, Korean teacher of music (612 A.D.)

Mime, Dengaku

Mimoro, Prince

Mimoro, Mt., in early myth; Kami of, a serpent

Minamoto, princely family; Fujiwara take wives from; generals of Imperial guards; called Gen and Gen-ji; academy; manors and troops; win Taira estates; quarrel with Taira; revolt against Fujiwara; literature; military power in provinces, especially Kwanto; "claws" of Fujiwara; provincial branches; war with Taira; power taken by Hojo

--Hikaru (845-913), son of Nimmyo, accuses Sugawara Michizane; death

--Hiromasa (918-80), musician

--Ichiman (1200-3), candidate for shogun, killed

--Kanetsuna, in Yorimasa conspiracy

--Kugyo see Kugyo

--Mitsukune, erects monument to Kusunoki Masashige

--Mitsumasa, founder of Suruga Genji

Minamoto Mitsunaka (912-97), reveals conspiracy against Fujiwara (967); his influence; founder of Shinano Genji; the two swords

--Nakaakira, killed with Sanetomo by Sugyo

--Narinobu, poet

--Noriyori (1156-93), sent against Yoshinaka; at Ichino-tani; commands force (1184-5); blocks Taira from withdrawing into Kyushu; assassinated

--Sanetonio (1192-1219), rival of Ichiman; blocks Hojo designs; attempt to assassinate him; death; patron of Fujiwara Tameiye

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